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  1. I'm watching this after the studio closure fiasco and i think that will make me enjoy this that much more lol

  2. anyone knows which flask Doc is drinking from? the big red/black one?


  3. It’s time to shutdown the server 🤡

  4. your take on the day before aged well lol. still love you though doc

  5. The Day Before Honestly looks so Generic… like it was a copy paste of another game. smh…

    Edit: Well my first impression was on point I'd say lol

  6. the annoying alarm noise is just everywhere you go..

  7. The fact he likes this isn't great for someone making a game
    What a hack

  8. He keeps wanting a battle royal but honestly that’s not what we need rn

  9. Content creator of the year shoulda been Dr. Disrespect

  10. Still better than modern bethesda games, no loading screens in the elevator was pretty crazy tho 😅

  11. Watching you call this game and trying to like it whilst calling dayZ a “running simulator” if funny. Id love to see you play namalsk.

  12. Resident Evil 2 ..thats becuse it was my first and my first horror game

  13. After watching you and a few others who really played it. I agree developers lied over type of game, gameplay. It is fill of nasty bugs. But it looks a hundred times better then tarkov etc. I thihk it has potential..!

  14. Yep it isn't that big of a world either. More players per map, 64 or so.

  15. I need a classic Doc intro facing backwards, slowly turning and then breaking it down for the people

  16. looks like Day z and Division 1 made a child with handicap

  17. looks like Day z and Division 1 made a child with handicap

  18. I need a classic Doc intro facing backwards, slowly turning and then breaking it down for the people

  19. Doc is mad Fortnite took his car idea and pretended he wouldn’t notice.

  20. 1.2 million views within 16 hours. Doc , you're an absolute legend and I LOVE the energy and entertainment you bring to the table. I'll watch your streams and vods till you decide to throw in the towel. Thank you for always entertaining me, by far the greatest streamer. Much love Doc!

  21. 10:01:00 when the trailer finished and they mention "vertical action" and doc already knows

  22. Wow there is a black version of Micky Rouge

  23. The Game Awards show is literally done for the games that no one cares about just for the publicity.. like the DLC for Ragnarok was the best thing they had to offer, its a depressing time for gaming!

    Looking forward to seeing Deaddrop at the top of the awards list next year hopefully🎉🎉🎉

  24. Is it sad that I've never heard of Bulders gate? I don’t even know what it looks like…

  25. We need to get Doc and the squad into Baldur's Gate 3

  26. no disrespect to my lady, but i like Doc's singing more. again no disrespect….. ✌🙏

  27. The game is absolutely getting blasted on Steam Reviews average rating of 1/10

  28. Amazing stream Dr, sadly after 4 hours of playing my self i decided to just refund this excuse of a video game…

  29. 5.9 for the day before the scam… very generous … still love ya style

  30. Why do people love to argue with strangers in the comments? 😂

  31. And how much they paid u for stream "The Day Before" exactly? Just wanna know prices 🙂

  32. The way DOC gave Christopher Judge his own WWE entrance theme music 😂

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