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10 awesome PS1 Scrolling Shooter games 😍 Video 1 … (Gameplay)

10min Gameplay
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10 awesome Scrolling Shooter games for the Playstation 1 (PS1)

0:00 Einhänder
1:00 The Raiden Project
2:00 RayStorm
3:00 In The Hunt
4:00 Zanac X Zanac
5:00 G-Darius
6:00 Thunder Force V
7:00 Strikers 1945
8:00 Xevious 3D/G+
9:00 Gekioh: Shooting King

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  1. Terimakasih, berkat video ini saya bisa menemukan judul game yang sudah lama saya cari-cari 😁😄

  2. Omg was looking for the name of raystorm and couldn't find it thanks for the vid bro 😊

  3. thank video list game bro
    striker the legend :

  4. Einhander was a jewel of atmosphere. Got all that blade runner/ghost in the shell vibe.

  5. Can someone please help me im looking for an old game where there is a ship that is shooting some flying ships (?) and the background is a orange sky with white pixelated like clouds

  6. The Raiden Project! It is my childhood game!!! I still remember play it because the game is full of Japanese characters. I know the short is yes and the long one is no.

  7. Gekioh Shooting King i loved playing it with my friends and family when was younger. I actually play it on my ps2 to this day

  8. My cousins had the G-Darius game that we played a lot as children and all these years later I finally found the name again after stumbling on this video. Thanks!

  9. Einhander!!! Yes! Thank you for this. Been trying to remember the name of that game for over a decade haha

  10. thanks i remember now einhander. i really forgot the name of it

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