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10 Best First Person Shooter Games Of All Time

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Being one of the most popular gaming genres, Shooters place the player in the center of the action making him feel like a real hero. In this list we will include only First Person Shooters since they are the most engaging type and they create the illusion of reality in the best way possible. Some of the criteria the selection was made on are popularity, innovation, graphics and historical relevance in the gaming field. We’re also sticking to only one entry per series for games that had multiple iterations over the years.


  1. why is the title best fps games and the list is full of best selling fps games?
    best selling games can be googled but, best gameplays can only be experienced.

  2. BATTLEFIELD 2 is probably the best multiplayer military FPS game in the entire history of FPS gaming.
    Based on gameplay not graphics. It's a game that you can enjoy playing a lot. You never get tired of it.
    The helicopters and jets are easy to fly. You can climb hills and hide in bushes to snipe. You can take off with a Jet from aircraft carriers. You can plant mines on the road and wait for enemy players to drive over them with their tanks. You can blow up a bridge with enemy player vehicles on them. All on multiplayer. It's basically an air, land and sea game.

  3. so where is I.G.I ?
    where is Rainbow Six ?
    where is Overwatch 🙁

  4. Were is zogs nightmare and night of bushes capturing

    Were is ethnic cleansing

  5. Where's mention of tactical fps such as project igi

  6. All these games look stupid and graphic suck like a 30 years old game, COD4 and World at War are the only two game are great

  7. "we are ranking the games according to the graphics"

    me:sure I am gonna see far cry

    "according to gameplay "

    sure I am gonna see wolfenstien

    after the video ends

    me :…….. ………
    … ……….
    ……… . . . .
    WTF ?!

  8. Why always igi1 is underrated??
    For me it is #1 becoz in 2000 it had the best graphics

  9. 10-2. I don't care
    1. Black

    I own ps2 ps3 and ps4. Ive played tons of fps games. But no one make me feel satisfy as black did

  10. Fuck where is Legendary game igi and igi 2

  11. FPS shooters make you feel like a real hero? You do not know what a hero is.

  12. u never played igi and igi 2?? Research with play than make list

  13. Where is Project IGI and IGI Covert Strike ??

  14. CoD black ops is better than half of games in this list.. and games like duke nukem are soo dumb..

  15. I have the whole HL series except for ALYX bc I dont want to buy a new $1000 GPU $800 VR headset and a $60 game

  16. Perfect Dark Zero?
    Turok 2?

    I felt a little bit sick when I saw CoD higher than DOOM

  17. First black ops is probably my all time favorite

  18. Why you making such video, when you didnt play games like
    metro , walfenstain, farcry, battlefield ,sniper ,

  19. These guys are like watchmojo or ign

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