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10 Best First-Person Shooter Levels Of All Time

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All Ghillied Up, Super Gore Nest. Is there anything better? #doom #callofduty

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  1. I know I'm being a pedant, but this is Youtube after all – half the clips you used for All Ghillied Up are actually from One Shot, One Kill.

  2. I feel like "Mansion of Madness" in Time splitters 2 never gets it's due! Still one of my favorites!

  3. Commenting before watching, and Titanfall 2 better fucking be here!

  4. To argue whether "The Ark" or "Effect and Cause" are some of the best FPS levels ever really speaks volumes to how amazing Titanfall 2's single player campaign really was. I want to go back and play it again now.

  5. If you make a video of top 10 best 3rd person shooters, I wish to throw these suggestions in:
    – Control: Ashtray Maze
    – Alan Wake: Defending the farm level

  6. 10. it was good.
    7. i feel like it's clone of doom and wolfenstein.
    6. it was great.
    5. it's okay.
    4. same as #10.
    2. it feels like a non-stop action similar to "call of duty".
    1. same as #4 and 10.

  7. The girl narrating is Australian she should be pronouncing it L ZED not L ZEE.

  8. Medal of Honor 2010 was underrated. That mission was fantastic. I thought the whole squad was dead. All Ghillied Up is my favorite shooter mission ever. Might turn on the PS3 to play these again

  9. Is it just me OR was this list hauntingly similar to the one Gameranx put out not a week or so ago…?!?

  10. Medal of Honor rising sun’s intro mission is incredible.

  11. All Ghillied Up is less restrictive than you think, if you go out into the field to trigger the tanks and guards you can actually quickly run back into the church and watch them go by from the church tower, no stealth required.

  12. Not sure we needed the cheesy music in the background but okay!

  13. What is the background music about? It's way too loud and so distracting from the video

  14. GHOST recon 2 advanced warfighter. "Get me rosen" level is epic. Plyed on the hardest difficulty,. Night mission, no backup or team to help. Creeping around in pure silence in the dark, sniping and silent take out. Any alarm raised brings a plethora of back up.
    So satisfying when played in pure stealth. I can't remember how many times I had to restart

  15. The airport of Modern warfare 2 was always one of my favorites.

  16. Great list with some truly iconic levels.

    But that background music was REALLY aggressively distracting.

  17. Battlefield 3 had some great missions but my favorite was Comrades. Fighting your way through a parking garage, offices, then out into the streets trying to stop a bomb was a thrill and really showed off the sound design and lighting the game was capable of

  18. music and womman voice is soo suitable at modern warfare 4 couldn't be better or could it be?

  19. Effect and cause sould be on this list my mine was blown playing that level

  20. Titanfall 2’s campaign was major fun. Totally recommend it to any fps fans!

  21. I absolutely love "343 Guilty Spark" every time I replay Halo: CE. It's the first appearance of the Flood and totally blew me away the first time I played it because the Flood is so f'ing creepy.

  22. All ghillied up is one of my most memorable levels ever but I also really enjoyed the court level from Wolfenstein II The New Colossus, frantic FPS action at it's very finest!

  23. Bioshock, check. Doom, check. Half-life, check…

    List of iconic FPS IPs we need to include to minimize whiny comments, check.

  24. Doom 2: tricks and traps. This level takes a hillarious twist from other levels by utterly trolling you left and right. Return to Castle Wolfenstein: The level where you storm a manor(near the end of the campaign). It's a unique and engaging level, promoting both sniping and guns blazing. Doom(1993): e1m1 Hanger. The level that introduced us to the iconic game, and hence deserves its spot. I will say that the current list is great, especially having enjoyed many of the ones listed.(we don't go to ravenholm).

  25. Titanfall 2 – Cause and effect mission , is the best of the best

  26. To this day I can't believe Medal of Honor didn't kill COD……….. the Melee was way more fun and also because I am obsessed with Handguns in FPS games, I finally didn't have to struggle with the thought of ditching my Handgun for a Rifle since you had 2 primary long guns and by quickly double rapping (in my case Y) you could pull out your Pistol………… still can't believe they took that out in Warfighter…… also they made the melee COD basic…….. that's probably why it flopped

  27. Halo 434 Guilty Spark. It blew my mind when Halo turned into a horror game.

  28. All Ghillied Up, no other game level was replayed too many times to get it right

  29. Technically ALL the Bioshock levels were great to play. I liked Fort Frolic due to the lore it gave, though in terms of visuals it wasn't THE best level….

  30. Pro tip: background music is meant to be just that, background music. It’s not supposed to be drowning out the narrator🤦‍♂️

  31. This list was missing any level from DOOM or DOOM II, even though it had Super Gorenest from Eternal I feel like something like E1M1, E3M1, E4M6, E4M7, MAP28, MAP08 or any of the glorious levels from the classics deserve a spot for how influential they were and how much they still hold up in terms of delivering great design and challenge.

  32. Mars Core is way better than Super Gore Nest in Doom Eternal is more fun better encounters and come on blowing a hole into mars is priceless.


  34. I love the
    Gameplay of Titanfall 2, unfortunately I never got to experience it because at the beginning of the game they locked me in a room with Kane.

  35. Great video, I'm not sure whats going on but the music is a bit too distracting in this video compared to other videos of yours, maybe tune it down a bit 🙂

  36. Can you turn the music up louder I almost heard what she was saying

  37. A personal favorite of mine is from Call of Duty: Finest Hour, Not One Step Back. The very first level you are storming the beaches of German Controlled Stalingrad and must clear out turret posts and bunkers. Aleksandr Sokolov is 20 year old Russian Private who just starts off with an ammo clip, not even a gun. So for the first several minutes of maneuvering around enemy fire you watch as the carnage of war is all around you.

  38. 2010 MoH was a piece of crap. Besides keeping it fresh there's no real reason why this game should have the honor be mentioned in this list. Also what's with this background music? Too loud, too unfitting. I'm usually not giving this much crap, but the beginning of this video was simply unbearable.

  39. I'm not a particularly experienced FPS player but Battleship Tirpitz from the original Call of Duty is an excellent level as I remember it.

    It's a failed stealth mission that starts in the claustrophobic lower decks with clever level geometry to take advantage of as you sabotage the engines. Upon your return to the upper deck, you face a firing squad of Nazi soldiers waiting to dome you from every angle the second you emerge. After that massacre it's time to sabotage the comms and finally escape. The design, spectacle and sheer difficulty of the Battleship Tirpitz help it stand out in a game that has so many iconic missions. Eder Dam, Pegasus Bridge, Pavlov's House, the mansion level that feels like a love letter to Wolfenstein and the Rocket Launch site all fall short of it imo.

  40. Woof, there are some very weak picks on this list and some major omissions IMO. No OG Doom or Goldeneye???? Hollywood Holocaust isn't even close to the best level in Duke Nukem, it's not even the best level in that episode. And I know I'm in the minority but I certainly don't consider Welcome to Ravenholm the best level from Half-Life 2. There are some solid picks here like Surface Tension and All Ghillied Up but some real misfires IMO

  41. All ghillied up will always be it for me. I’ve played that mission a thousand times. It was really cool to see Medal of Honor in the 10 spot. You get overrun at the end of the mission and the music starts to raise and it sounds saddening as if you’re not making it out of this and your squad mates continue to scream how they’re running low on ammo. Literally just before you think you’re going to die, air support arrives.

  42. I get why people hate on them but I enjoyed both the last 2 Medal of Honors. Glad to see any love thrown their way, as imperfect as they are

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