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10 Best First-Person Shooters Of All Time

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The best times you can have behind the barrel of a gun.

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  1. To not have Goldeneye on this list is crazy, but ok…

  2. Modern warfare (2019) should not be on this list in my opinion

  3. So you chose mw 2019 not og mw
    99% sure the writers never played a video game before

  4. Doom 2016 was better than Doom Eternal and also the best fps ever.

  5. If I ever hear someone say Modern Warfare 2019 is better than Bioshock and Half-Life again I won’t know what this community will become

  6. cool list guys im a sucker for old-school but my favorite shooter will always be doom 64 this is random but damn bulletstorm is so underated

  7. I was looking for a good game. and comments are gold mine. Thank you guys.

  8. YES they mentioned Bioshock I love that game and still play it.

  9. They should put Call of Duty Infinite warfare over unreal tournament because “iS NeWEr anNd LoOkz BEtteeR”

  10. Where is R6? How can you put CS GO there and not R6? R6 is much much much better than csgo

  11. I love all these picks but I would also put team fortress 2 somewhere on the list as well.

  12. Halo 2 Fortnite gunz goldeneye modern warfare 2 counterstrike

  13. how many times you can say "genre" in one video?

  14. Objection, your honor!

    Halo 3 is in no way superior to Titanfall 2.

  15. I know this is old, but been playing it recently, but Far Cry 3 100% should be on this list. A lot of the things in it now a days may seem simple, but it created A LOT of open world tropes to be used by tons of games, it's combat still really solid, good crafting system, good progression system, a masterclass in story and writing really compared to a lot of these games on here, graphics still hold up surprisingly well today as well.

  16. Battlefield 1>COD MW

    Doom 93>Doom eternal

    Titanfall 2 is the most underrated game in this list

  17. What no metro last light that game was godly

  18. Any all time list should include Starseige : Tirbes

  19. She better put some respect on black ops 2 name 😤

  20. Game released on PS2 called Black. Amazing game

  21. BF1 over BF3 or BF4? Am I going insane? No single Medal of Honour game?

  22. 1. Battlefield 3
    2. Battlefield Bad Company 2
    3. Call of Duty World At War
    4. Call of duty Black ops 1
    5. Battlefield 4
    6. Call of Duty Black ops 2
    7. Battlefield 1
    8. Titan Fall 2
    9. Halo 3
    10. Halo Reach or CS:GO

  23. In my opinion bioshock infinite is the best fps

  24. as soon as this buzzfeed looking bitch showed up and then she said "here are the greatest shooters of all time, #10"… fucking "battlefield 1".

    are you joking? are you actually fucking joking?

  25. COD only became a popular game, cause of the other older games revolutionizing gameplay mechanics, and how physics can make such a great, innovative game. And COD did have gud titles, but they were great because they could use ideas from other games to make their games great. And I am touched, to see that Halo 3 took the NO.1 spot, because of their AI system that had forever changed how the AI should behave for the history of the FPS genre.

  26. Neither of the first 2 Modern Warfare’s, Far Cry 3, or Left 4 Dead made it? Really?

  27. I swear you guys literally picked random games to mention

  28. why are there no DUKE 3d here ? and wh is halo on the list ? halo has only got a good intro song !!!!

  29. Well the problem is I can't get on the online because it will not let me go on the damn online

  30. Titanfall 2 campaign basic? Em excuse you o. O

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