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10 Best FPS Games of 2017

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2017’s first-person shooter landscape has given us some good titles. But what are the best games to strap up for a shootout? We put together a list of our favorites fps games for the PC, PS4, Xbox One & Switch.

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  1. Is there any ps4 shooter games like Conflict, that let you switch between characters during play?

  2. Wolfenstein on first place.. Wtf. Dislike

  3. I wish battlefield would make an ARMA that would be awesome in my opinion

  4. Cartoonish dogcrap. Stone age of computer graphics.

  5. Yeah maybe EA will remove all micro transictions in Star Wars Battlefront 2, think about it, why would they?

  6. Mentioning ww2 campaign makes me exited for a new game to come out. I just started doing campaigns in the last year and never have before then. I started with the destiny campaign. Then I tried and loved the full series of uncharted. After that I tried the last of us remastered. Then I did the battlefield one campaign and cod ww2. Recommend trying all of these games!

  7. Just a note: I really dislike that still fast pace many times is treated as equal to; great…most of times is just dumb….I mean back in the day I get it, but lack of pace and exploration within a FPS game makes a lot better experience.

  8. The mistake is you played a destiny 1 clip not destiny 2

  9. Destiny 2? Really? jesus. It's not even better than D1 with all its DLC in place. It's d1 vanilla .5. All the same mistakes and then some.

  10. "10 best"
    Lists games he thinks people should wait it out on or just goes "but that`s just my opinion" (meaning, if shit goes sour, his ass is covered).

  11. I beat Wolfenstien the new order, it wasn't that good, go buy half life 2.

  12. The funny part this one of the most popular videogames genre, and thus people are in shock why real fps occurs in real life, lol. The irony. I know this games, don't say "go out and kill persons". But no one in their right minds, shots people after playing supermario, fifas, ff, etc. FPS made killing people sound like fun, many people don't have the balls or guts to admit that. No other genre does that. Even you say, sometimes even in rpg, appears human foes, but rpg isn't simulation of real life or neither I cast Thunder or walk around with a spear killing people, or I ever saw a rpg cosplayer that kill someone with their buster sword. And I know their fps, were you kill alliens and monster, but the majority is basically killing people. When you ask someone, what is rpg basically? Is a role playing game, that normally as an epic plot, good characters, good ost, you gain exp by beating monster and bosses, etc. When you ask, what is basically a fps? The response, is basically shooting at stuff and things in the first person perspective.

  13. battlefront 2 lol, I think it is the worst fps on the last ten years. Battlefront 2 it is just DLC, expensive DLC, battlefront 1 much better

  14. The only games worth of playing are Quake Champions and Wolfenstein 2 and probably Destiny 2, although I don't like Wolfenstein and I'm not sure about Destiny 2, so that leaves Quake Champions, but this game has a really big problem which is called Unreal Tournament 4 which is much, much better and it's free to play, although it's only in alpha yet, but there's plenty to play. So this list for me it's useless, but good video though.

  15. Hey … FPS … but I don't want to shit my pants while playing it XD

  16. "#3 Destiny 2"
    How much they paid for getting a place on the list?..
    Destiny 2 is an insult to all gamers!..

  17. #1 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
    #2 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
    #3 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
    #4 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
    #5 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
    #6 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
    #7 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
    #8 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
    #9 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
    #10 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    You could tell I'm pretty into the challenging competitive nature of Valve games by now…

  18. S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl is the best shut up

  19. Not a faut to ur channel but its pretty hard to make a top 10 shooters list for one specific year as most that come out are garbage like call of duty or battlefront but i can understand the need to fill spaces

  20. We made a big stupid typo in this video by mistake. Can you find it?

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