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10 Best FREE FPS Games You Should Play in 2021

Cultured Vultures
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To help point you in the right direction, we’ve highlighted some examples of the best free FPS games you’re able to download right now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and Switch. Bear in mind that any game listed for PS4 and Xbox One will also work on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S respectively thanks to backwards compatibility.

00:00 Intro
01:07 No More Room In Hell
02:07 Planetside 2
03:10 Quake Champions
04:13 Paladins
05:15 Team Fortress 2
06:17 Destiny 2
07:14 Valorant
08:06 Call of Duty: Warzone
09:11 Apex Legends
10:16 CS:GO


Cultured Vultures is a good YouTube channel with very good content and it would even gooder if you would sub. We cover Fortnite, all things PlayStation and much, much more with our gaming guides and reviews.

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  1. TF 2 shold be in the top 3 and cod warzone shold be in 2 and apex legends shold be in 4 and valorant shold be in 5 becuse desteny 2 is boring is u eating ships with no taste over and over again and im pretty sure with my ranking ther is 1 that i removed so if ther are then it shold be Enlisted as its like BF 5 and TF 2 in a way and an axturly free WW2 that isent garbige

  2. Yknow I’d download one of these games buttt……..I don’t have the pc to actually run any of these games smoothly

  3. I came here to look for any unique free games, well this video literally only had the games that I already own. oof 🙁

  4. I like the video, although I have some comments on the video game selection that people might want to know about. CS:GO is full of hackers. Tf2 is low on updates but still an amazing game. Destiny 2 is pay to win and has a lot of content locked behind dlc. Planet side 2 is a good game although can be a bit difficult to find consistent action at times. Other than that I love the video, keep up the good work

  5. Please take valorant off your list that game is so garbage.

  6. is Warzone even on PC? i cant find where to get it

  7. I still like playing Apex Legends and Paladins. I haven't got the time to play Destiny 2 so much but I'll see. xP I used to play CSGO (stupid hitboxes) and Valorant and they were never my thing. Geez, I dislike the desperation of the competitive attitude.

    Hopefully a new upcoming free-to-play game that can be fun and it's FPS in the future.

  8. Legend has it that he will pin this comment.

  9. The best video for FPS games comparison!

  10. LMFAO. I am here because i cannot stand playing paladins anymore.

  11. "graphics may not be cutting age"
    Roblox: Am I a joke to you?

  12. these are the generic games my dude, all of em know them and i bet they own 6/10 of em

  13. big dummy you said i could play palidans no matter what im playing on but its not on my new 3ds xl from 2015

  14. valorant! yeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss i love valorant
    i love apex aswll
    destiny is rilly good aswell

  15. one of my favorite games was valorant and it stopped working no matter what i tried and ive been trying to find a replacement for it. this video helped a lot

  16. I've play apex legends but I'm bored of battle royale
    CS:GO And Valorant are full Toxic People
    Cod is too overpriced
    Some games have cool concepts but slow matchmaking
    Warzone's Too Chaotic and the updates are too big
    TF2 is fun but none of my classes fit my play style
    So I need something New

  17. Destiny 2 is scam right now. After you enter into the game its introduce you with nothing but none stop ads to force you buy the expansion. They Remove all the free 2 play Campaign contents BTW i warn yall. There is no story and introduce you to nothing but let you jump straight into the game and leaves you nothing.

  18. Good video but you cant compare paladins to rainbow six siege, in any way. it hurts my heart xD

  19. Im happy Fortnite isnt in here And Warzone is instead

  20. Ironsight is also great,, free to play CoD game with no pay to win elements

  21. I bought beamng drive, Rainbow six siege, downloaded Warzone, minecraft, cs go and valorat, on a GTX 1650. I have no more than 60 fps because some games have fps limit

  22. Forget Planetside 2 – imbalanced mess with clunky gunplay and lots of aimbot users. Sure it has big battles, but playing in them sucks

  23. War zone apex and fort night are still very much alive and well

  24. Apex and valo is my fav
    And now there’s halo infinite

  25. ironsight should be in the list!!! All weapons are free with very attractive gameplay.

  26. great game selection though i didnt find anything new :/ i will say paladins is a great game until you get to masters and grandmaster rank and the matchmaking breaks. queue times at the high ranks can be up to 15 mins long and the game has a few hackers and more bugs than you can count. As of recent the champions that the developers release are like a slap in the face to all the players who take the game seriously, they are much stronger than the older champions and often break the meta. the last problem i dont like with the game is that less popular champions dont get any skins sometimes for years. look past all those problems and paladins is a wonderful game. Thats my honest review of paladins after 2k hrs in the game.

  27. "Dont say paladins is an overwatch for poor people" made me laugh so haddi subscribed

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