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10 BEST Free To Play FPS Games in 2022

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  1. You forgot to mention Warface, it's a really fun free to play FPS game! 🙂

  2. I mean I'm kinda surprised warzone wasn't on here at all

  3. 2. play it, kind of weird game and the character move too crazy fast.

  4. One thing about this video is it is cross platform but it's not cross save. I can't carry my Xbox data to PC. Unless I missed an update

  5. COD mobile and warzone
    CODM is better than half this list 😑😑😑
    How Halo inf isnt here

  6. 3:47 Yesssssssas!!!! One of my all-time Roblox FPS games mainly because of the smooth movement. Honestly never expected this game to come to this list but amazing!!!! 🤩🤩🤩

  7. I'm glad Roblox and Phantom Forces recieved notation as being a good fps game. It is really a well made game, with bullet drops, decent animations and other complex mechanics. It has been in Roblox for a long time, and since the possibilities of game making have increased a lot since the phantom forces were made,I can tell you for sure there are even better games than this one (such as Hedgegrows II, a roblox version of Battlefield V wizhout planes and on a smaller sized map ;State of Anarchy, a roblox version of Escape from Tarkov with quite detailed weapon customisation, but without saving guns in menu inventory or missions, just pure battle royale). Just explore it and you will see what Im talking about.

  8. there are some FPS games you've forgot but are pretty nice

    -blacklight retribution

    -line of sight

    -rogue company(technically a third person shooter but still pretty nice)

    -America army proving groumds

  9. Valorant is missing
    Good job not mentioning warzone coz it’s so unbalanced

  10. I wouldn't say csgo is a free to play. I did buy it way back when and the experience is so much better if you buy prime, no modders or hackers.

  11. A COD content creator and insider and doesn’t even mention Warzone?

  12. Glad phantom forces is on here lmao it's been my Cod since 2016, imo the best shooter on here

  13. ironsight is a very good game for those who are thinking about playing it. It doesn't get boring cuz it has a lot of guns and the guns also sound amazing!

  14. blachhawk rescue mission 5 >>>>> phantom forces

  15. dont play phantom if u want to play with sweats and guns that should be nerfed and weak guns that should be buffed

  16. How many fps will I get on apex
    In requirements 4GB ram, I3 10ten Th gen, 512 mb

  17. Ill get a new gaming laptop this week i am looking for free to play fps games i already play valorant and ironsight in my old laptio but i exited to play apex legends and warzone any other suggestions

  18. I feel like valorant should be in this because it's free and fun

  19. Oh my God, I just came here to look for cool ftp fps games on pc, little did I know I would rediscover one of the channels I used to watch as a kid. Thank you for all the memories man, I'm happy you still make content on youtube!

  20. Im a huge fan of Fortnite and I noticed that didnt make the list.. ..I'm not saying that it should have.. just noticing that it did'nt XD

  21. I loved phantom forces, haven't played for a while but might start playing again. when my friends first told me what they were playing I was like what? but it just feels so good to play

  22. Thanks for reading off the front page of steam's ftp page on their store. Congrats. Now I know how to read.

  23. Phantom forces is a very good game for somebody who wants a chill competitive experience.

  24. I miss combat arms. A shame it has gone to shut

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