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10 Best Open World Shooters To Play Right Now

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Open-world shooters have the potential to deliver player vs. player, co-op, and single-player experiences at a scale no other video game genre can match. Seriously, one game on this list is set on a world-record-setting half-scale map of Europe. Let’s find an open-world game that fits you.

Open-world shooters are the holy grail of games when done right. They can combine the scale of fantastic worlds or even galaxies with memorable characters, extensive gun customization, and combined arms warfare. They can also just be great places to mess around with friends for hundreds of hours. In this list, we’re going to find a unique list of open-world shooters for players who like massive battles and PvP, players who want to survive the apocalypse with friends, and players that enjoy getting pulled into a vast single-player world. This list covers games on consoles including Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PS5, PC, and even game streaming platforms such as Xbox Cloud Gaming. 

Our first stop will be the competitive scene, where we’ll look at the reigning king of massive battles and combined arms: PlanetSide 2. We’ll then have a look at a game that holds several Guinness World Records and is recognized as one of the first MMOFPS titles with WWII Online. We’ll look at a game for the mil-sim crowd with Arma Reforger, a testbed for Arma 4. Then we’ll check in on the game forever in development that is Star Citizen, which has been slowly adding ground combat at a galactic scale. For the cooperative crowd, we’re examining the wild and dangerous Far Cry 6, pure Ubisoft formula Ghost Recon Wildlands, and the often overlooked but excellent zombie survival game State Of Decay 2. For the crowd that loves single-player experiences, we have worlds you can lose yourself in, like Metro Exodus, Cyberpunk 2077, and Red Dead Redemption 2. Let’s go. 

00:00 – 00:19 Intro
00:19 – 02:10 PlanetSide 2
02:10 – 03:33 Arma Reforger
03:33 – 04:45 World War II Online
04:45 – 05:58 Star Citizen
06:00 – 07:51 Far Cry 6
07:51 – 09:00 Ghost Recond Wildlands
09:00 – 10:06 State Of Decay 2
10:06 – 11:37 Metro Exodus
11:37 – 13:32 Cyberpunk 2077
13:32 – 14:59 Red Dead Redemption 2

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  1. Aww sharing the clip playing with your kids at the end was so wholesome. Nice video Aaron!

  2. Wildlands is goated. The freedom to approach a situation any way you want makes each encounter feel unique.

  3. For open world games in general, I think Death Stranding is a good pick 🙂
    May not be a shooter and it’s definitely not for everyone but it’s so relaxing.

  4. Red dead 2
    Wild lands
    Metal gear solid V
    Farcry 3,4,5
    Metro exodus

    These you get your money's worth

    Unless ur a Pirate…. U can enjoy them for free sort of

  5. Far cry 6 is a complete waste of time and money

  6. Just because Halo checks the boxes of being open world and a shooter doesn't mean it's in any way a good one.

  7. Red dead redemption 2 is the greatest open world game I’ve ever played in my life.

  8. Nothing will ever top Planetside 2 for scale

  9. 8:05 wasn't he from Breakpoint? Wildlands was cartels. Brilliant game.

  10. This video feels like a high school.homework assignment gone wrong, or like they asked you to justify why you're getting paid. Just…bad lol

  11. State of Decay over Days Gone? List appears MS-centric.

  12. PlanetSide 2 this games so fun sadly it's dead

  13. Massive night battles in Planetside 2 are eeeeeppiiic, a once in a lifetime experience.
    Though Star Citizen got unbelievable experiences too and with the ever-increasing server size, it's only a matter of time until it dethrones PS2 in the massive battle department.

  14. "Ooby-soft"??? Do we pronounce Universal as "Oona-versal"?

    It's "Yooby-soft" for Ubisoft.

  15. Rather play saints row over any of those shxt games 😂

  16. Where’s the division? Shxt destroys every game in this list

  17. when u tell me "open world games" i think of single player games, not multiplayer ones. am i the only one?

  18. the first 3 games this nut recommends, a game that came out 10 years ago… a game that you need a 5k pc just to get 60fps on, and a game that came out in what can only be described as some of the worst graphics iv ever seen in my life, you enjoy that dislike small peen

  19. Far Cry 6 is GOD AWFUL. And this is someone who loved 2, 3, 4 & 5, playing all of them at least 3 times.

  20. I convinced two friends to get xbox live so we can play wildlands recently, and the servers have apparently been down for like a month. What a buzzkill.

  21. the biggest factor effecting how much you will enjoy this depends on what your into. I would likely enjoy a mediocre modern shooter more then the best fantasy game ever made.

  22. Far Cry 6 was kind of a dud. I thought my game was stuck on super easy or no death the entire time because it was so easy. And Metro Exodus was hardly an open-world game.

  23. As someone who has played most of these games I suggest Metro Exodus. It's the best I have ever played. The story, details, limited open world and gameplay are amazing.

  24. Appreciate the Planetside 2 shout-out!

  25. Arma Reforger I'ma have check it out hopefully it's on PS5

  26. Far cry 6 is underrated me and a friend co op the campaign and we had tons of fun throughout out play thru I highly recommend it if you and a friend are bored and looking for something to pick up !

  27. State of decay is awsome. And it's a great game to play with friends.

  28. Metro Exodus is literally an art that s almost impossible to replicate in a game

  29. I’m sorry dude but planet side two is not growing not remotely growing I quit playing because I frequently would go to login and find that wasn’t even a Clock then open and I go to Coulter and I find it all like three people defending arm one of the Brent one of the arm factions races I mean very frequent times on the PS4 at least when there’s nobody there the other day I got a PS five so I thought Ahmed download see you want to be a star is like an active and for whatever reason I couldn’t even get out of the server at camp I don’t have to login I get in the sanctuary I try to go down to the planet I forget which continent was open but I try to jump down to that comment and I would kick me right off the server And that’s the kind of thing that when it happens to people they just hit delete and MoveOn which is what I did

  30. Worst list ever … sorry but just no (beside two obvious games) XD

  31. I want Arma reforger but refuse to pay for something that they have no plan to support 12 months after release! It should of been a demo to draw people in for Arma 4

  32. Funny thing about Star Citizen… What you pay does not entitle you to a copy of the actual release version. You'll have to pay again for that. You're basically paying them to be a QA tester for free.

  33. Ive played most of these games and State of Decay 2 is by far the best!
    It’s just different and original

  34. Yeah, I’m pretty sure the hillside fight is gone. The bridge between is gone. The way zones are captured and controlled is completely different now and quite frankly every time I’ve blocked on the recent past nothing has been open exam Coulter.

  35. Oh Jesus dude bedroom thousand player maps were illuminated several years ago. It was reduced a maximum of 1500 and I think they even took it down to about 1200 and you’re lucky if you will ever see 1200 people logged into that game again total

  36. Yeah, according to steam it’s not growing dude barely had about 1300 players on edit speak hour today why outside two is a fun game or was a fun game but it’s pretty much died out at times certain times of the day the only continent that you can go to is call chair and whatever the training partner has I can’t think what it’s called

  37. Yeah, that’s better than the Holler lack of gadgets things got nothing to do it when it was made it got to do with the concept behind and it’s not meant to be off of modern shooter. It’s meant to be a tackle shooter you don’t have a mini map in a tactical shooter you literally have to find your enemy and tell them you can just look at a map to see where they are or where you’re going.

  38. Recently beat farcry 6 and i absolutely love it 👊

  39. 0:19 — It's "versus", not "verse". A verse is for poets. "Versus" is used to indicate opposition.

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