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10 Best Shooting Games of All Time That Will Test Your Aim

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With hundreds of shooter games released over the past three decades, it’s safe to say they’ve made a major impact on the gaming industry. A subgenre of action game, there is no better challenge available to test a gamers precision and reaction time. Whether your dodging bullets, collecting ammunition, or dumping AK-47 magazines, the goal is to stay alive and kill as many enemies as possible. It’s time to Lock ‘N’ Load, kill or be killed as we’re going to take a look at 10 Shooter Games.


  1. Anyone else have a glitch in battlefield1, on conquest when I shoot an enemy( blood effect and everything ) it does no damage.

  2. Star Wars battlefront instead of Halo hmm…

  3. cs 1.6 was a broken game I cud wallbang through 3 different walls

  4. 6:01
    He says dice made the game a hell of a lot of fun. Then immediately says it's a decent amount of fun

  5. Cant take this list seriously if your gonna refrain from listing either Halo 1 or 2

  6. cs is litteraly the only thing testing your aim on this list. jesus christ what made you think this was ok?

  7. nice games…but I like call of duty modern warfare the most

  8. This list is great save for battlefront does not belong here.

  9. What the hell is this list?
    It's a top 10 video for the sake of being a top 10 video. A lot of these games have super simplistic aiming mechanics, or movement systems that don't add challenge to aiming. The title isn't even metaphorical, it's literally just a "great FPS list"…

  10. I know better shooting games and this list sucks man you did just put the ugly games

  11. Battlefront had only one good game mode, and it was Walker assault

  12. How about Duke Nukem 3D? Much much better than "Time To Kill".

  13. …Goldeneye, the antithesis of precision shooters that damn near pioneered aim assist due to the N64's complete lack of a second analog stick, will test my aim, huh?

  14. Here are some honorable mentions (sequels):

    Team Fortress
    Medal of Honor

  15. Perks and score streaks where in call of duty world at war so you are ronge about how call of duty 4 introduced them

  16. I think u meant to talk about the original battlefront

  17. DNTTK was a blast with a friend and to play solo

  18. cod 4 modern warfare most overratted game of all time

  19. Star Wars: Battlefront really? Where is F.E.A.R.? I mean seriously… THE BEST FPS with the BEST AI ever and not on the list?

  20. I hear you all, but no Unreal Tournament on the list?!

  21. I said to myself….. If arma 3 is not there… I Will be triggered and see myself as a noob…. Guees what

  22. What about Serious Sam how come there is never any mention of Serious Sam..

  23. The title is just like "Top Ten KNIFES that wil CUT"

  24. Crysis gameplay awesome..which crysis series you play this video?? Crysis 1or 2

  25. 10. call of duty 4 modern warfare
    9. Crysis
    8. Goldeneye 64
    7. Battlefield 1942
    6. Quake
    5. Duke Nukem Time To Kill
    4. Half Life
    3. battlefield battlefront
    2. Doom
    1. counter strike 1.6
    your welcome


  27. Cod mw trilogy , Far cry 2, Ghost recon advanced warfighter tests aim.

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