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10 Best Sniper Games That TRULY TEST Your Sniping Skills

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Let’s talk about sniping in video games. We’re giving our picks for not the most realistic, but the most fun and challenging.
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  1. Bruh you called the AWM in pubg semi auto when it is literally a bolt action.

  2. Really Scariest Thing For Me Is Looking For Sniper Elite On Microsoft Bing And Finding This Video Next Thing In The Morning On YouTube Recommendation.
    Considering I'm Not A Sniper Game Enthusiast And This Isn't The First Time this $&-t Happened.

  3. It almost feels like a sin not including Escape From Tarkov.

  4. When I found "the end" I literally chased him around with the sawed off shotgun. That's how I won the fight. Running around with a sawed off shotgun.

  5. You’re missing JointOps series…. It came out a couple years after original BF42 and was much more realistic having bullet drop, adjustable parallax, and rifles up to 50bmg. It really raised the bar on sniper play in the 2000s

  6. Arma 3 ? 😂😂🤣😂 the game where an ennemy can take 3 5.56 bullet in the chest but dont die

  7. Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts (1&2) the best

  8. I mean clearly Arma had to be on first place, because it's the closest one to realism, and realism in games bring fun and challenging too.

  9. always loved the sniping in Mass effect, not the most realistic but damn powerful.

  10. Seriously? No timestamps and no list in the description? This channel is low effort

  11. #10 reminded me of those good old arcade days in the nearest mall. Thanks for reviving old memories. I honestly forgot about them until you mentioned it here. Thanks again.

  12. call of duty and PUBG are trash never waste your money on . no aunti cheat its full of cheaters also update scams every 5 minutes updates stay away from call of poppy warzone

  13. Counterstrike = best cheater wins…
    And farcry has great sniper stuff aswell

  14. Sniping in sea of theives from boat to boat in rough waves is satisfying

  15. Sniper Elite was probably the best I've ever played but Silent Scope was the most fun. So many coins lost when arcades were really a thing.

  16. Great video…except you dont put titles of games on the screen and when you mention the title of the games you say it quickly, like everyone knows what game you are talking about. 🙂 For a newbie like me – I assume newbies are the target audience – I feel I just saw a video about 10 cool sniper games I now dont know the titles of, leaving me excited… without knowing what to buy 🙂

  17. You know, I hate gun based games. But if I ever play a gun based game, I'm a sniper. Not a good one, but a sniper nonetheless. I prefer blades when it's close combat.

  18. Where is Scum on this list?
    game where rifle, scopes and equipment make difference. Additionally you need to take distance and wind in consideration, them to zero the scope and properly shoot.
    And Yes, shooting standing is different than shooting in prone position

  19. GR: MGSV Quiet Fight is a great Sniper fight

    Me: Drops Supply Crates on her to knock her out

  20. Sniper ghost warrior contracts 2 best sniper game period

  21. You couldn't wait to see what Battlefield does next huh, well 2042 was absolute trash and I bet you wished they didn't release anything now lol.

  22. This is in fact the worst list I can understand that this is your personal list but I'm gonna be honest I don't agree like pubg that's all assuming you can actually get a sniper rifle and the attachments for it and then Counter-Strike that has awful sniping sniping isn't meant to be fast-paced like call of duty and other game is related in that way sniping is meant for you to take your time calculate your shots and hit the target which is why in my opinion sniper elite can be second I can't say anything about Arma because my computer can't really run Arma that well and I don't really have people to play it with and all that so I'm not going to talk crap about Arma because we honest I do love Arma but in my opinion sniper Ghost warrior is by far the best until otherwise

  23. Emily Baxter# The Cartoony Witch Gamekitten says:

    DAYZ has good sniping

  24. I like sniper elite VR it gives you a very good challenge as well as your own skill to use a tag on rifle in real life but you’re not using a rifle using two controllers what you are holding a rifle but you know what I mean

  25. The battlefield comment didn't end well, being excited to see what they do next

  26. My main target spot in Sniper Elite 4 was — the groin 😀

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