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10 Easy Ways to SHOOT a Ball in REAL GAMES

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  1. This first touch pass help me and I watch in the night then the next day I use the it I score our equalize goal

  2. Thank you for the tips im from Philippines 💖

  3. You have to be on your tipy toes to shoot

  4. who would take football advice from a US american

  5. All attack basic technical videos i liked much, believes it will help in play😀👍

  6. Sir please stand near that tree when commentating

  7. why u dont joining the football team u r so pro in football

  8. Bro this really made me win the match Literally i was thinking that I will fail but I won

  9. Thank you so much…I could not even goal once but when I saw this video I got it like every single time….you guys are amazing and thank you again

  10. I can give some tips tho. So, back in the day, I was goalkeeper. And all goalkeepers can relate that shots that are going fast, near post and low are hardest to catch. Ye you might wondering that nice placed shot near post and high are harder, but they are also harder to kick imo. And alsto it might hurt when gk just slip himself down. And your hands are already in the higher position in most times, so shooting lower to the ground might be hard to catch. I am playing right attack now, and all I can say it works. I even asked our gk what is harder to catch, and he said same thing. But that is all my opinion. Well placed high shot is also hard to catch.

  11. what if your a kid and cant do a bicyle kick man

  12. Can you let us know the model of the ball you were using here ?

  13. your man did the bully maguire dance like an og

  14. Please make a video for goalkeeping tips!!!! Pleaseeee

  15. Your tips are amazing bro, it is absolutely working good and very helpful to be a good player.

  16. ich gucke grade wirklich amerikanischen fußball

  17. i am a keeper watching this to see what i have to do to stop goals lol

  18. These skills made me the best soccer player in school

  19. If keeper is left hit right
    if keeper is right hit left
    if keeper is center hit top corner or anyway do you prefer
    if you are dumb, be smart like me

  20. 1st fake shot and make some space and power shot

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  22. My son in U10 w/ a body of a u5 kid does toe pokes in ALL DAY. He hasn't gotten the strengh to hit the ball hard but give him a one on one break away w/ a the goalie and it's a 9/10 chance He scores. lol

  23. Thanks man I was gonna use these in fake games

  24. Also on first touch u can even fake the shot take the touch and controlled shot in corner

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