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10 Shooter Games With OVER THE TOP ACTION

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First and third-person shooter games often have stylish shootouts. We wanted to highlight some fun games here.
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  1. I finaly finished super hot! On VR!

  2. In my opinion if a game is pvp its not fun. If its pve it can be fun but that doesn't make it fun. The fun for me in a game is a great story telling campaing. If the campaign has a great story line and it playes great then that is fun to me. Apex legends isn't fun because its pvp.

  3. does nobody remember total overdose? just me?

  4. I dare you to try playing Max Payne 3 on the hardest difficulty with the first person mod and first person cover turned on. That shit is over the top and VERY difficult

  5. went in expecting vanquish on number one,

    left really confused and rethikning my beliefs

  6. So……the game Vanquish doesn’t exist anymore now?

  7. my friend pedro and sunset overdrive should defiantly be honorable mentions. also when Dani releases karlson it is going to be so sick

  8. this channel only cares about graphics not fun

  9. What is the name of the game with the knife 🔪

  10. There is just no good games today every fuucking game is so shit

  11. Bullshit rewiring; where clear title of the games?

  12. All games on this list are good but where is just cause and saints row?

  13. Gah! Why can't I play Max Payne 3 on next gen? I want to play it again but it's not available on the psn.

  14. everything are better then CSGo which are on potato Valve servers so stuters,laag,bugg,tons of skipped hits especially on dust map ,dying in respawn ….

  15. You probably should have acknowledged that Max Payne bullet time was inspired directly from the Matrix movies, according to the producers of the Max Payne game. They deserve credit for one of the coolest features in FPS.

    Max Payne also borrowed its cinematic story line about amnesiatic detective from the Jason Bourne series.

  16. You have to include bo cold war campaign i think it was very realistic cia/mi6 missions and very nice graphics and some moments have a lot of action like saving lazar or park

  17. Bulletstorms release was when i knew i had good sense for what a good game was. It was totally underrated & basically a flop at release, but as time went on, players began to realize how amazing it was. I loved it from the start, so fun

  18. A good acționa game could also be Karlson

  19. I would have been so opinionated if rage hadn't made it on this list lol

  20. This makes me want to play bullet storm again

  21. This one is focused on first/third person gun games mostly. We'll make another one about melee/swords/etc. Let us know what you think we should include!

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