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$1000 For Every Kill!

MrBeast Gaming
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Every kill the boys make in this video, I’ll give them $1,000! Thanks to Rogue Company for sponsoring this video! Play for free on Steam now:


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  1. Wait it was supposed to be in a videogame kills? Hmm then why i murder my neighborhood

  2. Love the part chandler screamed 😂😂😂

  3. Much love from Nigeria…
    Wish I could be noticed by y'all ☺️

  4. My favorite part about this man is that he just jumps right into the video, he doesn’t give this long intro like other YouTubers

  5. I jumped so much when chandler said he had just got in gaged, I didn’t even know he had a girlfriend

  6. karl is handsome..pls give me the PC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. karl is handsome..pls give me the PC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. What you doing you join a quads game and these 4 kill you for the dub ? 😅

  9. How can I play this amazing game that you guys are playing right now?!?!?!?!?!

  10. I would like to say thank you mr mr beast your videos make me happy just looking at the thumbnail

  11. Mack attack 1000-1001 Miguel Camacho ll says:

    Cris is wearing dima my favorite skin

  12. Does anyone else feel like they care a tiny bit more about the guys than they should? I'm super excited for Chandler that he's getting engaged, how cool! And Chris had a baby? How awesome for him! But then I remember that I don't really know them so I feel weird for being so happy for them lol. I guess I can't help but feel like know them since they're such cool guys. It's probably not just me.

  13. LOL "Chris try-hard mode activated!" … falls into the water

  14. Nice vidio I love that your giving money for free mr. Beast if you can see this comment your a great guy

  15. man made like 48 million money in my country just by playing

  16. Have you guys ever noticed how carl cheats every video where he wins like in this one he doesnt tell chris about that player and chris helping his team or on gta vid he respawns and takes the dub from chris he is so stupid and i like chandler and jimmy and chris

  17. i just got this and imeaditly got rekt so i just play pratice i mean hey it works

  18. Chandler :winning .
    Jimmy :happy .
    At end karls wins .
    Jimmy: feels bad about chandler.
    Jimmy : ok! whoever wins has to giveaway the money

  19. how can i play this game that you guys are playing right now??!!????!?!?!?!?

  20. So funny when Chris said sweat mode on and junps of the ship

  21. how can i play this amazing game that you guys are playing right now?!?!?!?!

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