1st TIME REAL GUN కాల్చిన 😲 #bayyasunnyyadav #shorts - playkindcity.com

1st TIME REAL GUN కాల్చిన 😲 #bayyasunnyyadav #shorts

Bayya Sunny Yadav
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  1. Every shoot, bling the eyes..that diffrent civillian and soldier..

  2. hi bro,, I am also shutting with ak47, and Insas , think 🤔 who I am in INDIA,

  3. Hello brother I am Big fan with you can u gift me this gun please

  4. Army ki ra bro neku bellet la varshame

  5. Neebonda videos chi dinamma jeevitham youtube ki pattina daridram nuvvu nee videos

  6. ሰላም ሽጉጥ ስትጠቀም ምን ይሰማሃል?

  7. nenu NCC lo firing chesa bro .22 rifile 🇮🇳🇮🇳

  8. Pistol barrel bend ai undi sarigga maintain cheyatledu anukunta vallu

  9. Orey nuvvu mee camera men ku entha istav

  10. bro mee face cricket player Srikar Barath laga undi

  11. Anna ni kanulu musukoni pothunai😅😅

  12. Maczin క్రాస్ గా ఉంది

  13. I only understand he's one thinks word tapa tap tapa tap 😂

  14. Bruh😂 just stop. Mf can’t even hold a gun the right way 😑

  15. "blink and you'll miss it!" 😂😂

  16. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 annaya good

  17. Me eyes bale blink cheysaru bro 😂😂

  18. If you wear eye protection you won't have to shoot with your eyes closed.

  19. Adjust your grip my friend your thumbs are suppose to be together not right behind the slide but are you allowed to own firearms in Thailand?

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