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20 Open World Shooter Games With Unforgettable Experiences

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Games where you just run around…shoot stuff, make stuff explode and have some fun.
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0:00 Intro
0:24 RAGE 2
1:20 Tom Clancy’s The Division 2
2:30 The Outer Worlds
3:22 Sniper Elite series
4:26 Atomic Heart
5:21 Ghost recon Wildlands
6:20 Starfield
7:15 S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Legends of the Zone Trilogy
8:08 Metro Exodus
8:57 Far Cry 5
9:46 Fallout New Vegas
10:43 Cyberpunk 2077
11:19 Mad Max
12:11 Crysis
13:00 Prey
13:50 RDR2
14:37 Borderlands 2
15:17 Just Cause 3 & 4
16:15 Days Gone
17:14 GTA 5

20- RAGE 2

Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One

Release Date: 2019

19- Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One

Release Date: 2019

18- The Outer Worlds

Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One Switch

Release Date: 2019

17- Sniper Elite series (4,5)

Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One Switch PS5 SXSX|S

Release Date: 2017

16-Atomic Heart

Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One PS5 SXSX|S

Release Date: 2023

15-Ghost recon Wildlands

Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One

Release Date: 2017

14- Starfield

Platform: PC XSX|S

Release Date: 2023

13-S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Legends of the Zone Trilogy

Platform: PS4 PS5 Xbox One XSX|S

Release Date: March 06, 2024

12-Metro Exodus

Platform: PC PS4 PS5 Xbox One XSX|S

Release Date: 2019

11-Far Cry 5

Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One

Release Date: 2018

10-Fallout New Vegas

Platform: PC X360 PS3

Release Date: 2010

9-Cyberpunk 2077

Platform: PC PS4 PS5 Xbox One XSX|S

Release Date: 2020

8-Mad Max

Platform: PC PS5 Xbox One

Release Date: 2015


Platform: PC X360 PS3

Release Date: 2007


Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One

Release Date: 2017


Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One

Release Date: 2018

4-Borderlands 2

Platform: PC X360 PS3

Release Date: 2012

3-Just Cause 3 & 4

Platform: PC Xbox PS2 X360

Release Date: 2006

2-Days Gone

Platform: PC PS4

Release Date: 2019

1-GTA 5

Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One XSX|S PS5 PS3 X360

Release Date: 2013


  1. I loved Rage 2,Outer Worlds, Mad Max and Atomic Heard. Super fun

  2. Nice to see Days Gone get some well deserved praise

  3. Kinda shit list. Mention some of the greatest like Rage 2 Metro, Stalker and Atomic heart which take a massive crap on everything that came out after Metro Exodus and any and all ubishit games

  4. Days Gone was one of the greatest gaming experiences Ive ever had! I played it for the 1st time in May 2023 & spent 180hrs in it's beautiful world…I would give anything to experience it again for the 1st time!

  5. Don't get Rage 2 folks. Absolute Bethesda cashgrab that bugs out on the last mission and ruined hundreds of people's playthroughs. Acknowledged by devs and never fixed

  6. I'll never forget the amount of loading screens I had to experience in Starfield!

  7. No watch dogs? You could have added one since you had the other 2 ubislop titles on the list

  8. Destiny
    Sleeping Dogs
    State of Decay
    And, especially, SAINTS ROW (1-4, lets not talk about the reboot).

    All 5 of these would be unforgettable for a variety of different reasons

  9. Apparently I have a type, and it's open world shooters. Played like 75% of these

  10. Why did you put PS5 for Mad Max, its PS4 mate, as i own it on PS4.

  11. Days Gone is one of the best 3rd person open world games out there! Shame on Sony for not following up

  12. Far cry 5 is good the visuals and everything are good but holy shit we get kidnapped so many times.

  13. Fallout 4 is a criminally underrated masterpiece. Still Bethesda's best game, and it ABSOLUTELY eats New Vegas for breakfast. Not sorry.

  14. That fallout new vegas gameplay was definitely not vanilla lol. Was that footage from one of the remake mods? Because its clearly got like fallout 4 animations and assets

  15. Love seeing all the love for days gone in the comments, your all getting a like from me. We need a sequel, please!

  16. Everybody just remembers the hordes in days gone. They're not remembering the boring slog in-between.

  17. I bloody loved the Outer Worlds. The 2 DLC packs were excellent as well. Looking forward to the sequel. Think I might need to get the spacers choice edition as I think it's on sale through Gamepass just now!

  18. I'm still mad that Days Gone 2 got cancelled.

  19. thats not new vegas. thats a fallout 4 mod. shame on you

  20. You're frying my eyeballs with those title cards.

  21. Why did new vegas graphics look so good in this video?

  22. You mentioned Obsidian's Fallout New Vegas. But the video you were showing was a Fallout New Vegas DLC sized MOD for the Fallout 4 game.

  23. I think you have misunderstood what unforgettable means.
    When you have to remind us what these games are, they were forgettable.

  24. Fallout 4 is practically unplayable since the show. Thanks to the update that “fixes” things.

  25. How do you make this list without including Mercenaries???

  26. Days Gone is one of the most underrated games ever !!

  27. For stare-field it's not the mechanics that were intended that was the horrible part but how they all functioned together or rather how they didn't.. like the constant loading screens for everything and the extremely repetitive and boring exploration.

  28. funny how these gaming channels rename old episodes and upload them again a year later.

  29. Is it me or the fallout new vegas they use was a falllout 4 mods

  30. Mad max mad respect❤
    I bought the physical copy about 4 years after it came out i didn't check reviews or listened to any opinions about it. I simply slipped the disc in and wham! What a banger🎉

    Fallout 4 received no love here lol😂
    Haven't playd vanilla fallout for ages. However the mods realy spices up the game allot and im jaming it on the OG xbox one s console.

  31. I wouldnt call any of the crysis games open world tbh 😛

  32. No Horizon, no Assassin's Creed, no Dying Light???

  33. Rage 2 had the best gameplay I played in a long while.

  34. LOVE that Days Gone thumbnail!!! Eagerly waiting the day when we get an OFFICIAL announcement for Days Gone 2!

  35. RAGE 2 LOOKS AWESOME!!! I never finished the first one, so I gotta get on that!!!

    AGGGHHHHHHHH!!!😩😩😩 So many games only 24 hours in the day!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  36. Says a lot in general how some of the games listed were ones we received poorly when they first came out.

  37. Days Gone is one of those games that left a mark for me.
    Such a good, fun and underrated game

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