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3 Aiming Fundamentals in Shooting Games (Fortnite Battle Royale)

Fortnite Master
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This week’s guide breaks down three fundamentals of aiming in Fortnite: Crosshair placement, Peeking, and Sensitivity. We talk about the value of good crosshair placement, go over some tips and techniques for peeking, and show how to find a comfortable sensitivity. If you’re trying to improve on how to aim, particularly in Fortnite, this is the video for you!

Crosshair Placement – 00:21
Peeking – 02:05
Sensitivity – 04:39

Script and Gameplay:

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  1. Tnx for posting. I got working on my settings in playground and now I can finally hit my shots consistently. Tnx for the great explaination. Cheers K.

  2. Man i've put my sensitivity on 9 and 8 and sometimes it's perfect for me and the other day it just fells so slow or so fast

  3. This video is helpful but i have the problem that my sensetivity is low and I can make 360 but very slow. Any tips for that problem

  4. This really helped me a lot. I was able to even sniped a guy while gliding. Keep up the good work

  5. Could you do late game tips like top 25-top10-top5 for season 7? Love the Chanel btw it’s really good

  6. These playground aim training with bots are not a good way to train aiming, they have a bug, you can hit them even if your reticle is not on them. Epic is aware of it but did nothing so far. Try to aim on the side of their head and you'll see…

  7. One thing this channel does well is reminding us what mistakes people normally make

  8. put like 400 hours into CS if you haven't already if you REALLY want to get good. CS:GO is a somewhat crappy game, but I must say, it does an excellent job teaching you how to aim. ALSO, it's free now apparently >_>

  9. My DPI is 1500, and my in game sense is .12 (used to be .10, changed so I could build faster)

  10. I dont know why i'm here i am ok with my aim

  11. To get used to crosshair placement i use a marker pen to put a dot on my monitor and i try to keep my crosshair on that dot

  12. Great and amazing tips .. thank you so much .. how about you also give controller advices as well? Cuz not everyone plays on mouse and keyboard .. even though i play on PC i still use controller to play fortnite 😅

  13. How does it work ????? 00:58 WTF EPIC GAMES?!!!!!!!! 100 damage on feet ?? WTFFFF

    AIM to the head
    AIM to the foot To get more damage

  14. but don't you think peaking and shooting is little bit difficult for console players…?

  15. These are all like gaming 101. The very first things you learn to do after basic tutorial lessons

  16. crosshair placement is good until they come jumping around the corner

  17. Step 1: get good bloom
    Step 2: if step 1 fails, continue to the next step. In the rare event that step 1 succeeds, continue shooting until it fails.
    Step 3: Download more ram

  18. I play on PS4 and I still learned a lot from this video. Thanks dude. More Life 🌸

  19. I've always loved high sensitivity bcuz then i can go slow if i want and fast if ppl shot at me… atleast on mouse and keyboard and mobile games, yes i used to play mobile competetive before xd

  20. wtf man I've been calling myself a noob only bcuz of my aim while being good in building like thanQ so much this channel is the best I can't believe it only has 15k subs it must have at least 1.5m subs

  21. First time I hear about crosshair positioning, thanks for the tip!

  22. Keep up the good work man. Your videos are so great. Can you make more about aiming and wining videos. Please

  23. Solid advice. Peeking and other advice I have already learned but I wish I had known this sooner. Thank you for this video

  24. I love this channel. I watched 5 videos and they helped me soo much

  25. Hey man! Challenge games is removed…so any tips to improve aim on anything else?

  26. If I was YouTube I would make your videos recommended for everyone

  27. Challenge games are gone unfortunately… Great vid btw. 🙂

  28. How to hit shotgun shots while jumping

  29. Title: “3 Aiming Fundamentals in FPS Games”
    Fortnite is NOT fucking first person. Literally Fortnite is the least competitive game in existence.

  30. I can’t find the challenge course above Leaky. It’s not there anymore. Please help

  31. what is the code in the creative mode? so I can practice my aiming plsss?

  32. Thx a lot dude!!!! I dunno how to thank u

    Pls tell me how to thank u!!!!!

  33. What’s the code for that course at the end

  34. I’m sorry that I did not sub until now, but your tips are helping me thank you for the fine tuned detail and insight that you provide with each video God bless you
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