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30 Greatest Current-Gen Open World Games You Need To Experience

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Open world games. You love them, you hate them, you can’t get enough of them or you want nothing to do with them. At one point in history, 3D open world games were innovative as seen in Urban Chaos. They then became massive and stunning in scale with titles like Grand Theft Auto 3 and Vice City. The genre hasn’t stopped evolving though and this generation presents arguably the peak of open world gaming as a whole. So let’s take a look at the top 30 open world games of this generation and why you should play them.





  1. Big shout out to Urban Chaos PS1. I spent weeks on that game!

  2. ファンタジーチョコレート says:

    LMAO idk what mission I did but omg I was ready to break the game. Watch dogs 2 absolutely ruined me

  3. Can someone please recommend a true open world game, where I'm not forced to spend hours talking to NPCs? I just want to roam around and do my own thing

  4. You forgot Dying Light, one of my all time favorites

    You should include mods when considering this, part of the reason games like GTA 5 and even 4 are still played today is because of mods like LSPDFR and LCPDFR

  5. I can't remeber playing skyrim my childhood

  6. Ugh… Why in the fucking hell is Horizon Zero Dawn in this list, this game is so bad…..I can't even explain….

  7. NO YAKUZA GAME? Dislike.
    Also if you are reading this, play YAKUZA 0!

  8. Many Many thanks to share a beautiful video with us i much enjoyed it

  9. I love them so much..i'm addicted to it Bro!!!!

  10. Todos são bons games, the witcher foi o que mais gostei, horizon zero down pretendo jogar um dia quando tiver 8gb de ram no minimo

  11. Good list bro, The Saboteur is one of my honorable mention

  12. GTA V, The Witcher 3 and Red Dead Redemption 2 shouldnt even have to be mentioned.

  13. 7 days to die, no man's sky, emperion, a few more. Dying light

  14. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Is not a current-Gen game as it was in development for the Wii-U and took to long so it was released on the switch they didn't add anything to the game that wasn't already in development for the Wii-U…  Not to mention The Nintendo Switch is not a Current-Gen console it is filled with dated hardware that wasn't relevant at its release.

  15. "horizon zero dawn is deemed one of the best ps4 exclusive ever made" L.M.A.O, this game gave a lot of people copium when it released on pc.

  16. Where is " GOD OF WAR" i think it should be atleast in top 5.

  17. I need to get no mans sky,however i wont play it tahr much cause since 2011 i only played re dead redemption(1) and then rdr2 j still play both games but i played rdr2 and online for 3 years bow

  18. As expected, theHunter Call of the wild is not on the list.

  19. Horizon Zero Dawn Glad it's up there it's very good so much lore, compelling characters, awesome combat and variety in it, story is amazing a sweet blend of sci fi and tribal culture grounding it making it more believable and intriguing. The world is just WOW It is literally one of the best Graphics and Art mixed into one a sweet🍨 mixture. Aloy is one of my favorite characters ever and can be yours to if you truly understand her its hard to make an anti social character like able because that's the point and makes it more realistic not everyone is Arthur Morgan or Ezio Auditore or Edward Kenway. That's what gives her a breath of fresh air she is not dark like batman and not as cheerful as most charismatic characters she is in between and has underlying compassion which Liz believed will help Aloy in her Journey to heal the world, so beautiful😢. I can go on and on and on but these points some up and extraordinary game already yes it's not perfect and won't appeal to everyone luke every game there are people who don't like GTA V, Red Dead Redemption II, Marvel spiderman and the witcher 3 and skyrim but that doesn't make them bad games really or okay it's just the reality of how every human has their own taste or likes and opinions

  20. dont forget about Prototype 1 and 2

    (the best game ever exist)

  21. I have several of these games!! And I am going to be looking out for the rest of these games!!!? God bless you all today 🙏 Shalom

  22. If you get bored of rdr2 Two words MOD IT

  23. Every game should be open world. Or remade into open world.
    Starting with, The last of us. A MK open world would be cool

  24. RDR2 is forever the best game until RDR3

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