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5 Best Multiplayer Games with Xbox Game Pass – IGN Best List

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Xbox Game Pass just so happens to have a very awesome collection of multiplayer games for you to play with others. So here are some of the best multiplayer games you can play right now with Xbox Game Pass.

The Best Co-op Games with Xbox Game Pass – IGN Best List:

5 Best Action Games with Xbox Game Pass – IGN Best List:

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  1. Ark best mp game on Xbox Pass?


  2. Make sure you broil the chicken after browning. Not bake

  3. Wow I am one of the first ppl to comment))👌😁

  4. Only watching this to get ready for Microsoft to bring this to the Nintendo switch

  5. Gears of war 4 is the best multiplayer out easily for any console or PC
    Halo MCC is my number 2 choice for this list.

  6. Funny this comes out after rumors of Game Pass coming to switch.

  7. Fusion Frenzy
    Mortal Kombat X

    There’s quite a few co-op games too

  8. Fortnite should be free! Oh wait It already is

  9. 5 Xbox one games. 10, 000 Best awsome games on Ps4.

  10. Cool games for an okay price! 👌
    I prefer EA Access but thats because they have a vault system where Xbox Games Pass has removed some games, one of which i still play Fallout 4

  11. Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 4, Vermintide 2, Mortal Kombat X and Sea of Thieves.

  12. Didn't y'all upload a video link this? or I'm trippin…

  13. IGN are just trolling MS at this point. Ark – seriously?!

  14. Geez, IGN is making more commercials than before

  15. Ark? You can not be serious, also in my opinion sea of thieves should be on that list

  16. got 2 months Xbox game pass for £2.00, how much is sony still charging!!!

  17. They show master chief without his helmet at the end of 4 if you beat it on legendary

  18. I share this guys pain…. I'm 37 and I too, get schooled off kids at rocket league 😠😂

  19. he’s CLEARLY NOT reading off a cue card 😹😹

  20. I wish they release GTA SA on game pass as a classic

  21. Playerunknow's battlegrounds os call's pubg

  22. It pisses me off with how they made the script like it was from his POV but its obvious af that he's reading a script

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