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5 FPS Games I Can’t Live Without…

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These 5 FPS games aren’t necessarily the best FPS games out there, but I definitely couldn’t live without them. These are the FPS games that I keep going back to over and over, year after year. These are the FPS games that you depend on, and if you were stranded on a desert island, would want to have them with you forever. What are your top 5 FPS games that you can’t live without? Let me know down below. Thanks for watching!

These FPS Games definitely impacted me over the years, and are the FPS games I come back to between every big release and when I need an FPS game that I can count on. Not all of these titles are Free FPS games but plenty of them now cost very little, so if you are a gamer on a budget these are all titles to look into.

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  1. Halo 3
    Titan Fall 2
    Killzone 3
    Battlefield 4
    Post Scriptum

  2. There's a few FPS games that I can think back to and, literally, if they re-released them with updateable content — it'd blow so many of these newer titles out of the water. FPS genre has become a joke. Stale and repetitive. No gaming company is willing to take risks anymore because of Titanfall 2, Advanced Warfare, H1Z1 (combat update).. it's sad. There's so many gems out there that all you'd have to do is update the graphics and people would fall in love. Or even simpler.. update the multiplayer system or update the maps. So many glorious games with such high skill ceilings, dead. It's so sad.

  3. I really wish I got to experience TF2. Cant now since OCE servers are gone 🙁

  4. You mentioned SplitGate. Honestly, I agree whole heartedly. Pulling off killstreaks in that game is addictive.

  5. Apex Legends
    Great Gunplay
    Great Movement
    High TTK
    Content Drought
    Cant Get Stale
    Call Of Duty: Vanguard
    Guns feel great
    fast paced
    arcades style
    no campers
    Historical Accuracy
    Improves Aiming
    Game gets stale
    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
    Improved version of CS:GO
    Risk and Reward
    Great Gunplay
    Can be Campy at times
    Stale sometimes
    Poor decisions by devs

  6. they should just make a more improved bf4 i know it will be hard but taht will be a big money maker

  7. Apex is off the list due to the point that Respawn put the game back down to Console Rust and ARK grade quality every single update

  8. 1. Hunt: Showdown
    2. Hunt: Showdown
    3. Hunt: Showdown
    4. Hunt: Showdown
    5. Battlefield Bad Company 2

  9. What was the name of game in intro (third one)

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  11. Splitgate needs more players.. it's so slept on

  12. That is a very good list. Here's mine:

    5. CoD black ops 2
    4. Titan fall 2
    3. Halo MCC
    2. Counter strike Source
    1. Quake live

  13. Sanctum 2, UT 2004, Splitgate, Open Arena, Roboquest.

    I almost want to put up AVP2 and Half life but I haven't played those games in so long. Just wanted to mention them here out of respect for hours of entertainment during my early teen to late teens.

  14. 1. Warzone
    2. Apex
    3. Halo infinite
    4. Rainbow Six
    5. csgo

  15. 1. Escape from Tarkov
    2. Squad
    3.insurgency Sandstorm
    4.Ready or Not
    5. Apex

  16. These are my favorite kinds of list. I hate seeing top 5 or top 10 lists where everything is the same. These are a bit more personal and I always enjoy that. It's like when someone shows you music that they really like. I'm at work but I'll come back here to drop my top 5. +1 sub

    Edit: this was a great list

  17. i’m so glad Splitgate made it 😭 it’s such a good solid game

  18. Wild Lands – Just Cause – Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts – Battlefield 4 and any Half-life games, Thanks for asking. Although I have Battlefield 2042 it was a bad investment!

  19. Oh, I wish I could find a key code for the (4) pack of Delta Force Land Warrior; I have the cd, but can't find the keys…

  20. I do think titanfal 2 deserve more recognition and what I thought would be great for it making it free,and for those that bought this game would be given special and premium cosmetic for their purchase of the game,and they should include more cosmetic in the game,cuz micro transaction are what made free games alive and people would obviously invest money on something they love.Here in sea most people play mobile games cuz the price could be more than we could afford and not many may afford it,but if they make it free,people with potato PC will eventually play it even with lag,not to mention how korea teenagers spend their time mostly on cyber cafe.If it free,they could play it more,and I don't have to wait for 10 minutes for a queue :V

  21. my top 5 are

    1. Valorant

    2. Counterstrike

    3. Apex legends

    4.Rainbow 6 Siege

    5. Fortnite

  22. Bruh I love fps but nowadays fps r too futuristics for me too fast I love cod games but bruh Activision is shit af I love cod their movement n the game is good but they make it so shit that i can't play those games so now I have moved to story mode rpgs n jrpgs n i love them eay more than fps I love it but rn my fav fps games would be apex n halo

  23. What game was playing at the start in open beta phase?

  24. 1)Halo 4
    2)Doom Eternal
    3)Titanfall 2
    4)Destiny 2
    5)Dying Light 2

    6)Prey 2017
    7)Battlefield 4

  25. New subscriber. Great content, Like your style. Your brought on some good memories with the Arena shooters. Gonna have to check out split gate now!

    My 5 are as follows:
    Arma III
    Battlfield 5
    Sniper elite
    Counter strike
    Call of duty Modern warfare

  26. Did you even play BF3? 3 was the climax of the multiplayer in the franchise. 4 was a step down, and 2042 was….well you already know.

  27. Mine are:
    1. Halo 3 + ODST (I consider them as one game)
    2. Left 4 Dead 1 + 2 (same thing here)
    3. Doom Eternal
    4. Counter-Strike
    5. Battlefield 1

    Honorable mentions:
    Titanfall 2 (barely played it because none of my friends played, but it's a great game)
    Sea of Thieves (not really an fps, but unbelievably fun)

  28. PubG, Apex legends,warface and,Rust. I also enjoyed hyperscape wish it made it further.

  29. Im sorry but titanfall 2 was a failure… u should of just put apex inside but its ur list lol but halo 3 man everytime someone says it i get flashbacks and am actually sad to even look at the halo we have been given recently like halo reach was worse then 3 but everything since reach has been disappointing af

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