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6 Awesome PLAYSTATION Light Gun Games! – Erin Plays

Erin Plays
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Let’s check out six awesome light gun games for the Sony Playstation! Enjoy 🙂
In this video I’m playing Time Crisis, Time Crisis: Project Titan, Point Blank 1-3 and Area 51! 👽

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  1. I think "Gunfighter – Ghe legend of Jesse James" was also a really fun lightgun game. There was also a sequel on the PS2 called Gunfighter 2 Revenge of Jesse James.

  2. Sudden memories of Ghoul Panic 🥰🥰🥰. My favourite lightgun game for the ps1. Adorable, challenging, awesome soundtrack

  3. Ufff que mujer más hermosa, mamasita linda, besitos mi amor, saluditos desde Medellín Colombia. 😘😘😘

  4. The Resident Evil Umbrella/Darkside Chronicles games on the Wii with the Wii zapper gun are very fun but also very hard.

  5. These games ate too many quarters.
    Good content kid.

  6. I was born in ‘99, yet content like this still makes me feel nostalgic even though I wasn’t there. Amazing how that works.

  7. How about area 51 for the PS2! Using the guncon-2. Carlos ❗

  8. Crypt Killer was my favorite to play! Love the fishnets! Thank you from West Virginia!👍❤️

  9. If you're playing Time Crisis one player, you can use the second player port for a controller to use as the pedal, that's how I used to play it. Point Blank on the DS, was a faithful port but wasn't as fun without the challenge of a gun.

  10. 2:30 I read that if you plug in a second control any button on that is your "duck" button. So basically you can set a second controller on the ground and press the buttons with your foot.

  11. I remember playing Time Crisis 1 at the arcades and finishing the game with only one dollars. I was so good at it, after school I would always go to the arcade and play the game. I think I did that for 4 months straight.

  12. Hi
    I got all what u have but it’s doesn’t work on my LG tv. U think I need an older version of tv to get it work the gun game ???

  13. Beautiful. Suggestion. Game is. My life moreover remedy for emotional crisis life saver
    The blogger commentator so gorgeous ps1 is the replacement of n64

  14. I have a numco light gun PS1 and tried to play Area 51 but it doesn’t work so what kind if gun I need to play Area 51

  15. It was the 4th day of NNN and I was attempting to watch some wholesome video game content…

  16. Not sure how your videos have so few views compared to other retro game channels – crazy.

  17. It was called the hyper blaster in Japan? I wonder if that's supposed to be the gun you unlock in silent hill1 ufo ending which is also called the hyper blaster.

  18. Die Hard Trilogy has one awesome light gun game included in it. You should definitely try that if you like light gun games, it is better than Time Crisis in my opinion.

  19. Can you start listing the game here

  20. Is it just me or is Erin's aim just awful lol

  21. Time crisis games are cool , I have some wicked light guns for the ps1

  22. Erin is there any gun con guns I should steer clear of!?!!! Does one gun con gun work for all the fun con games?😩

  23. Ngl I didn't came for the games…

  24. Sinden light guns work on modern displays and you don't even need a sensor!

  25. As a fellow “plays” lol nice to meet you Erin plays 😂

  26. The stockings…she know what she doin, but of course, like all women, she’ll pretend she doesn’t lol

  27. All the Point Blank games are masterpieces! As is the first Time Crisis! Die Hard Trilogy is also a must play! You didn't play the best of all, Elemental Gearbolt! Great video Erin ☺️

  28. Great review. Fun Time Crisis Fact if you plug a regular controller into port 2 you can press any face button with your foot and use it like the arcade lever

  29. Sigh, time to get a Siden Gun to play on non crt I guess

  30. Thumbnail caught my eye…was not disappointed 😍

  31. Pretty cool setup you got there, new to the channel but love it so far.

  32. Who doesn't play gun games in their fishnets

  33. Do you mind if I use a little bit of footage from this video in one of mine?

  34. I went to Hollywood Video or Blockbuster every weekend. Never saw a light gun game for rent let alone the light gun. 40 years old and learning new things.

  35. I love the point blank seriea.

  36. Adventures of TIG ;Tourette’s in gaming says:

    The perfect girl 🤯

  37. Great games, great video…..

    Great legs 😉

  38. Erin in fishnets and long boots, while she opens
    Fire with her hot gun.
    Imagine her with a 454 cassull Redhawk revolver
    At a shooting range.
    Same fishnets, but no boots
    On, JUST barefoot, wiggling
    Her Toes anxiously, as she squeezes the Trigger Slowly.
    The Anticipation WOULD have ME explode in my pants. Erin is a goddess
    With a hot Gun.

  39. You can use Lethal Enforcers with the Namco GunCon, but there are a pair of prerequisites:
    A mod chip installed.
    Patch the ISO with ppf-o-matic3 and burn in 8-16x max or the PSOne won't read it.
    Area 51, Maximum Force and Judge Dredd also works with the Namcon GunCon, and the japanesse disc of Resident Evil Survivor (Gun survivor), all of those last mentioned, without patching.

  40. Came for the thumbnail stayed because of the thumbnail

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