6 Upcoming FPS Games As Realistic As Real Life | PS5, Xbox Series X, PC | New In Gaming - playkindcity.com

6 Upcoming FPS Games As Realistic As Real Life | PS5, Xbox Series X, PC | New In Gaming

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In today’s ‘New In Gaming’, we take a look at new anticipated FPS Realistic Graphics games and also the most Realistic games in it’s gameplay features and they all look amazing! Which game in this list has your interest?
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  1. Realistic as real life…. Gameplay with nvgs but vision isn’t absolutely destroyed by the light the character is looking towards…. Makes sense.

  2. that's what you call a real-life game no checkpoints at all, just one-time life if you died you lose.

  3. Couldn't find most of the games on the Ps store.? Dont know how you played them

  4. six days and ready or not, nutil deviation release their ps5 exclusive

  5. this is The only reason why game consoles should even exist 👌👌👌😍

  6. The fact that in the first clip when room clearing the operator drops his weapon automatically to avoid flagging and possible fratricide. What a nice touch. Tip of the hat to the devs

  7. Are you reviewing games or fukin Savanah deserts??

  8. Six days in Falluja isn’t available it’s 2022..

  9. Hi, does anyone knows FPS multiplayer with guns that actually make damage like in real life? I mean one shot kills or at least makes the opponent heavily damaged?

  10. we all know six days in fallujah aint coming out within the next 2 years

  11. Clearing that city house by house was terrifying. Now I get to do it again in a game. That’s fucking awesome. AATW

  12. Crossfire… Define destructible…

    Like can I just collapse the sky scraper instead of going in…

  13. mostly games un play able beacuse they work on high graphices then game. its to much makup graphices on these games if really want play these games u need alot of mony for high end pc. only elite can play these games and poor only watch.

  14. I like how you said realistic as real life but have a guy using telekinesis in the thumbnail haha what a epic fail

  15. None of these games that I looked up are currently on the Xbox platform besides crossfireX which has a two star rating and some of the games that you said will I added in the future the creator said they have no intent of adding them to console

  16. I wish there were some non military simulator games with this level of realism
    Something like realistic Far cry for example
    I'm all for realism in games but that's not my genre

  17. For 6 days in fallujah, is there pvp? Like in COD and battlefield and insurgency sandstorm ?

  18. Why are all the good games only released to pc? Why not console?

  19. Try some tarkov aswell really good game pretty hard to master and learn but a lot of fun with friends. You go into maps looking for loot and fighting other players for said loot. Overall supper realistic and pretty frightening at some points.

  20. Most of these games are not even on xbox even though it says xbox lol

  21. this channel is so addictive i just have to click the notification when i see it thanx have seen many games i never herd about on your channel

  22. added them all to my Steam Wishlist……..been waiting for this genre to return with multiple realistic tactical FPS games.

  23. Six Days in Fallujah, nothing, is 2022, not 2021
    Project Wraith, no release date yet
    Ground Branch, no release date yet
    Crossfire X Campaign, no release date yet
    Land of War, have 45 in Steam, really is good?
    The only in 2021 is Ready or not, and is "a beta"
    So MathChief, make a new list please.

  24. Six days isn't on xbox 1 just a heads up

  25. Six days in fallujah looks insanely unrealistic

  26. Land of War isnt the first ww2 shooter dedicated to what happened in poland ever heard of Enemy Front

  27. I'm looking for something like operation flashpoint loved that shit.

  28. It is because of these types of games that these abnormal young people are crazier every day

  29. I'm so sick of hearing about 6 days. If it ever comes out for real that would be wonderful.

  30. Not impressed at all with any of those games. Definitely not realistic.

  31. Wow, funny how even a year later, none of these games have a console port.
    I think the title of the video should be "top 5 PC tactical shooters".
    (I mean there is crossfire but it sucks)

  32. Anyone else unable to find Six Days In Fallujah anywhere, digital or otherwise?

  33. ,,,,,,,,,,''''''''''''''''''''''' 2 Esdras 2: 31 -100 ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;,,,,,,

  34. Bluedrake with an annoying accent. Both y’all hype up “games” that never amount to anything. Mostly cash grabs or asset flips.

  35. This is so realistic 3:58 magazine with magnetic style 🤣

  36. Nice op. 😍😍🥰🥰❤️❤️👍👍👍😎😎😎

  37. Is six days in fellusha going to be offline? If it is that’s awesome

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