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7 Exciting New FPS Games Coming in 2022!

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Check out these 7 ambitious upcoming First Person Shooter games 2022, including SCP Pandemic, Atomic Heart, ’83’ and much more!

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  1. Bruh you forgot Trepang2. I am here to remind you about Trepang2.

  2. “That will have you wondering what the hell were they smoking when they made this” caught me so off guard 😂😂😂

  3. Pioneer looks AMAZING (like a Fallout 3/Metro hybrid)

  4. im still waitin for READY OR NOT and patiently looking at the WW3 development

  5. You forgot Ready Or Not and World War 3, 6 Days In Fallujah, Stalker 2, Burning Lands!!!

  6. Atomic heart are piece of shit

  7. They certainly do not make enough WW1 games, so that's exciting!

  8. ILL game is fake, the creator of those animated videos uploaded them and "the making of" here on youtube

  9. I just want crossfire X, bright memory infinite, project 007, avatar, and scorn.

  10. These have me fucking drooling. I can't wait.

  11. Hasn't Atomic Heart been set to launch every year since like 2017?

  12. How do you get access to scp pandemic closed beta?

  13. Muzzle flash looks bizzare in '83. Hope that's not final. It's very immersion breaking and jarring to see lol. Other than that, Rising 2 is exceptional and still holds up. If Hell Let Loose didn't exist, that would be my go to FPS in that war setting.

  14. Vigilance 2099 looks great but it seems like they copied Bladerunner exactly lol

  15. The game trailer looks very good but sometimes it can be very deceiving just like cyberscam 2077. I never care about cyberpunk since day one.

  16. Ill isn't coming out in 2022. It isn't even a real game.

  17. Where do I find rising storm Vietnam 2? I see a version on steam from 2019

  18. I'm so bored now. Done with apex and battlefield sucks ass. Cod sucks ass. 😪

  19. I'm really happy to see atomic heart getting a release date. Just surprised it's coming out on ps4, given the graphics and how complex it looks. I only got a ps4 so I'm still happy

  20. I really don't think that Ill will be any kind of good, lol.

  21. Je pense que c'est la 2ieme video que je voi de toi et ton accent scream tes origines :p

  22. One thing that strikes me with these modern games is just how emergent the environments look with their lighting, and then the illusion is shattered with 'Mario Brothers' character movement, especially jumping, which looks like they've just stepped on a land mine.

  23. You forgot the most anticipated one 😀 Stalker 2 april 2022

  24. isonzo gives me for whom the bell tolls vibes lol

  25. 83 and Isonzo look promising. 2042 is such a dogshit let down of a game, can’t wait for something new.

  26. The same fucking games over and over and over again

  27. I don’t really care about atomic heart anymore. They had a chance and they blew it. Stalker 2 is my main title now!

  28. 83 will never get real updates and they will make some BS army man joke of a game instead of making good updates.

  29. How y miss the best one? 6 days in falluja

  30. Nothing says "jumped the shark" like mustache customization.

  31. first one looks like a rip off made game from heroes & generals just with better graphics and weapons.

    2099 Cyberpunk clone.

    world war one games are all the same, worse oh better.

    Pioner maybe only one looking out for if you have abit of taste and won't dive into whats obvious, open world survival just recks everything else.

  32. anyone knows if there will be a 5v5 mode like csgo, valorant in any of these? and also will they have any competitive modes?

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