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A Sneaky Trick Most FPS Games Use

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  1. That was really interesting to know. I had a feeling about it, but I wasn’t too sure because people can still shoot you through walls 😂 loved this thanks!

  2. Really wish it was more common to just show the clipping in PvP games, so you can have a reference if your barrel is sticking out or not if you’re hiding

  3. I tried developing an fps game in Roblox, and they called that concept ad "View model"

  4. yooo wtf is up with the cc on this short???? lmfao!!

  5. I exist in a completely separate universe as well

  6. In battlefield v character putts the gun up and you cant aim or shot when you want to shoot the character goes a litle bit back or in special situation bullet goes in the sky


  7. My favorite games are the ones where everything you see in first person is how it exists in the game world. Like you see your gun, your arms, legs, , body, etc. the same as someone observing you would see.

  8. Firt ite doesnt do that lol thats why snipers are broken cause they can shot through some walls

  9. Now What does it look like if someone else is watching? Will the gun clip through the wall on their screen?

  10. There are FPS games at which the character either lowers the weapon or the weapon moves back when colliding with a wall

  11. PUBG is different, when you face a wall, the character actually Positions the gun away from the wall, or just check out the game it's hard to explain

  12. Back in my day the gun went into the wall

  13. I understand this trick and the broad strokes how and why, but it's REFUSING to work for me in Godot 4. I render the gun and environment on two separate cameras, one camera ignores terrain, the other camera ignores the gun, terrain draws first, gun draws second… but the gun STILL clips into things for no dang reason!

  14. thank you for putting a soldier stock shotgun in the video

  15. Who needs a gun, if your eyes are gun?

  16. In TABG the gun is a physics object along with the player so it physically interacts with the world "realistically"

  17. In a game in Roblox called phantom forces the guns actually clip into stuff

  18. I did not know the character I controlled on cod looked like a giant tic tac


    "My gun is in a separate universe."

  20. In other words it is using two cameras. One is rendering the actual world, the other is rendering the gun. Gives the illusion that the gun is not clipping through walls then you do that

  21. At the end he should have proved it with a view from a second player.

  22. Yes but you can slice this world and see the walls cutting your weapons in specific situation.

  23. Only if games didint care about this issue

  24. I can't remember what game it was, (probably resident evil 7) but whenever I went up to a wall another method used was having the character tilt the gun away from the wall instead of pointing forward.

  25. i realized this from on game glitch, the fp was separated from my camera and created a trippy effect.

  26. also allow for Fov to happen without distorting the guns and arms. Player's FOV preferences affect environment camera not gun as much. Thats the easy part, now when it comes to syncing 1st person animations to 3rd person view that others player see in an online match, thats a whole other load of trickery.

  27. But what about the people looking at the person with the clipping gun

  28. Oh no I'm never gonna look at FPS games that you don't have legs the same way.

  29. 0:31 this is a tf2 shotgun, specifically being held by the 2nd class that goes by the name of Soldier

    “Dear god”

  30. The problem is that other people can see your gun clipping the other side of the wall

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