Adding a LIGHT GUN to the Game Room! (No Sensors needed!) -

Adding a LIGHT GUN to the Game Room! (No Sensors needed!)

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Reviewing the Sinden Light Gun, which is LCD television compatible with no external sensors needed. However, we do run into some slight hiccups and configuration problems.

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STUDIO LIGHTS: Aputure Light Storm LS 1C
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** Disclaimer: Paul paid for the Sinden Lightgun with his own money. All of the thoughts and opinions are our own **


  1. Great to see Paul again! I know I'm not the only person thinking this could be a better product if a bigger company did run with this idea. I hope if it ever goes there that Sinden's creator gets to cash out on it

  2. I was kinda hoping it would work on a tv without the need of a computer….so I can play my Saturn and ps1 shooters. I guess that would be even harder to do!

  3. the recoil feature on that thing is bad ass, its getting me to consider looking into it :O

  4. I'm just gonna stick to my orange guncon and play time crisis for now, I'm not a very techie and tweaking the options every game I play is not my thing, maybe I'll get it when it's simply plug and play.

  5. I'd like to see a wireless version in the future

  6. Wait I was about to order a 2 pack since I just watched a video. But I keep seeing in the description that it says it works with lcd. I have an OLED tv. Wondering if it work with that. Anyone try this on an oled

  7. Looks like you have to jump through hoops to get the thing to work properly. No thanks

  8. Super hyped to get mine in a month or two. I only got the non-feedback one since it was half the price, and I'm really worried that it was just going to break some time. The arcades I lived around always had the pistons broken on point blank.

  9. I've always appreciated drunken master Paul's enthusiasm!!

  10. I prefer point blank 1-2-3 PSX versions. I have cheat files for them that disables the white screen flash. That was a big deal for me. I'll have to agree. Mister compatability will be nice. In that screenshot you made about the updates it notes #4 Mister FPGA Support. Fingers crossed.

  11. You bring so much Positivity to this world, man. I'm so inspired by your real enthusiasm.

  12. Metal Jesus got a lot fat on American burgers. Man, it's time for you to eat Russian buckwheat porridge! You will look like Rambo!

  13. Nice video MJR, I always thought that this is an opportunity that nintendo has constantly overlooking, I always wanted to try SNES & NES shooters especially yoshis safari since I never played it

  14. I only intended to skim this video and check the conclusion, but I watched the whole thing because of how thoroughly you showed the setup which was really interesting and informative. This was the first of the modern guns I learned about and the method this uses appeals to me more than having a sensor bar. Nice that there are options out there. The recoil is another good option to have, though that's not something I'd want. I wish I could have been there — not to hang out in the snazzy game room — as I could have saved you several hours with that lighting problem. I've been dealing with that issue on and off for over a decade as I've had TV remotes that would stop working depending on the lighting conditions. Even the TV backlight can cause problems for things like cable remotes. There was a setting for my TV that helped. It's an older TV. But I understand that frustration of dealing with that. Anyway, a very good video. Too bad about that Windows setup issue. I'm glad I ditched Windows for day-to-day stuff and emulation, though I'll have to look around to see what the Linux setup is like for this. But this looks very cool and I'm glad to see they found a way to make this work on modern TVs.

  15. YES, Metal Jesus! MiSTer support would be AMAZING!!! Would buy that in a heart beat.

  16. Hopefully these are better than those aimtrak piles of shit. The recoil breaks almost immediately, sensors fail to, you have to calibrate no stop, even during a game at times, total junk. I sent those back (glad I bought them on ebay) and never looked back. The aimtrak 360 joysticks…..they are better. Calibration is kinda off as they don't work as precise as you need them for traditional arcade click button games (contra, ghoul's n ghosts, etc), and you will have to calibrate them fairly often to be fairly precise in the analog games (star wars arcade, daytona, etc), where you need an analog stick—- but they are OK. I chose to go back to to regular happ click style, as I didn't like the aggravation and floaty controls in button joystick games. They are hard enough as it is. Realistically Aimtrak stuff is lowish grade, if a major player like nintendo came out with even the fairly decent 360 joystick, they would work a lot better, and would be laughed out of the room if they were selling those trash guns for the huge price tags aimtrak wants for their light guns. GAR-BAGE.

  17. I didn’t know you could get these I miss house of the dead and virtua cop can u get these for consoles

  18. Great video!, i miss new gamer eats videos with DMP

  19. why on earth would you use this if motion controls exist

  20. Cool, but I admit I clicked in hoping this was something to allow the NES light gun work on an LCD TV 😞

  21. Alright, when is Paul doing game snacks again?

  22. I heard about this year's ago now. They came out saying it was like the Wii. Great story

  23. The white boarder is a bit annoying but I'm sure not having it would be very hard to do.

  24. if you are a fan of lightgun games, yall need to get into VR. I can play almost any retro Lightgun game on my hmd.

  25. Here's a fun idea. Hook up an old PC steering wheel and use one of the pedals, then remap it in MAME to recreate the foot pedal used in Time Crisis arcade machine to hide for that extra nostalgic feel, instead of just using the light-gun button. 😎

  26. Regarding the hue lights, I am pretty sure you can change the colour of the border and the gun will look for that colour, so theoretically you could either just change your lights from any colour other than white, or just change the in-game border to a different colour (i imagine this would work better than the other way around) which helps to twink.

    Also regardless of how 'plug and play' the gun ever gets from a startup perspective, you're always going to need to do tinkering/calibration in the service menus, etc so there's always going to be a level of tinkering and setting up I think

  27. I hope you freaks are stocking up on guncon 2's before they triple in price

  28. Light gun games need to revived due to rise of 'cinematic' shooting and action games, but here's a PC lightgun accessory. Imagine you can play Doom Eternal with light gun

  29. You mean you have to use your hands? That’s like a baby’s toy!

  30. 260 australian for a recoil one, 160 for no recoil. Almost 5mill au$ in backing. WOW :O

  31. Do you think that this is gonna sell better in the USA than elsewhere? 😏

  32. This makes me miss my old Guncon 3 for Time Crisis 4 on PS3. I loved going to the movie Theater to play these light gun games.

  33. You forgot, it won't help me play Saturn Stunner or Playstation Justifier or GunCon games. Or other console games on a real TV. I would have signed up with it, but no console compatibility means no sale.

  34. Like the "Cannon Ball Run" poster. The new game room is awesome!

  35. Man I would love to build a all in one arcade cabinet with some of my favorite all time games like Jurassic Park, Star Wars, or Area 51. I bet by the time I'm finally ready to make it there will be dope software to manage it all.

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