ALIEN SHOOTER Level 36 Medium Gameplay | Galaxy Attack | Space Shooting Games | шутер с пришельцами -

ALIEN SHOOTER Level 36 Medium Gameplay | Galaxy Attack | Space Shooting Games | шутер с пришельцами

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter
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PvP Mode Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter:
Mission SpaceShip Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter:
Walkthrough for Player Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter:


  1. I’m watching your videos because I’m learning how to play this game because I have not and I’m not really good at it

  2. bro can we use any other ship instead of wisdom glory ??? because my wisdom glory is just level 1 … although Phantom Assassin and Sound Breaker are maxed till my level

  3. Long live the new fresh and new game and barukada and lycanthropy and close to me and final boss and ahanolat original mix

  4. Levels I like cool friends and try this and vidikat me and chronos

  5. 겔로그 어택 둑이는 영상 보내주셔 감사요

  6. พาสิทธิ์ สิทธินามสุวรรณ says:

    It’s so easy

    It doesn’t work properly,you have to restart all the time,then there’s no audio,everything freezes,double layer ads running and also freezing!
    But the badest thing: They don’t repair/service their game.
    you can write them emails every day,but nothing will happen besides the system automatically sends replies.
    You will have more anger than fun with this chinese TOFU GAME!

  8. Benim kanalımı tanıştırmışın adı OYUN HAYATTIR

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  10. Galaxy attack Alien Shooter very very very best game

  11. I am on dragonfly but can’t defeat it

  12. Thanks to your walk through I've reached level 109

  13. لللوسخچدکچاخفک ذ کوکدکوہسکصکسکقکزخفخخعخ

  14. i Reached Level 67 in Campaign

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