Best FREE Quest 2 Games Available NOW -

Best FREE Quest 2 Games Available NOW

Virtual Reality Oasis
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Here are my top picks of the best free VR games and experiences available for the Quest 2.

Click on any of these links, log into your account, click get and the games will be added to your Quest 2’s game library;
Pavlov Shack –
Bait –
Half & Half –
First Contact –
Pokerstars –
Gun Raiders –
Elixir –
Rec Room –
Mission ISS –
Bogo –
Gorilla Tag –
Hibow –
VRChat –
Battle Talent –
Echo VR –
Bigscreen –

Beat Saber Demo –
SuperHot Demo –
Space Pirate Trainer Demo –
Creed Rise To Glory Demo –
Tea For God Demo –

Order the new Oculus Quest 2 128GB model here;

Let me know your favourite free Quest 2 games in the comments below…

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  1. There’s not one video without him saying oasis

  2. Echo vr is not compassionate I get insulted and made fun of every time I play

  3. “ if you had even of your family” had me. Edit I mean enough

  4. This game will totally have you hooked. No pun intended 😂

  5. Is it just me or who else has a VR coming and is binge watching vr videos because you can’t wait until it gets here and you’re so excited?!

  6. Any full-length hand tracking games you recommend?

  7. Gorilla tag is free but it cost thousands at the same time

  8. I am so confused every single time I look at top free Oculus games Pavlov Shaq is always one of the highest but I just can't find it

  9. It doesnt even put it on the oculus quest 2 store this rlly sucks

  10. Gorilla Tag
    “Wait , take me back! I want to be MONKEY. Insert Transform music + spinning monkey music

  11. Yeah I tried that stupid fucking battle talent bullshit and couldn't get past the second tomb wave

  12. Is it just me or do any of y’all own every free game that he just talked about

  13. gorilla tag makes me wanna off myself, the physics are unreal and makes no since, I literally stick to the floor, and people say, oh do this to run faster, or do this to climb walls, like I’m sorry I don’t think it’s made for my body size, my arms are big enough to lift someones mom without breaking a sweat, I can’t just smoothly do shit with my arms

  14. Does someone else has the problem with Bigscreen, that you can only play it standing when you want to see the movie?

  15. I just got one and I’m so excited to try games in VR

  16. Analytical and Organic Chemistry Practicles says:

    Thank you so much for sharing all this wonderful info with the how-to's!!!! It is so appreciated!!! You always have good humor in your posts/blogs. So much fun and easy to read!

  17. Im gonna check a lot of them out can't wait!

  18. Start a YouTube channel and shout out you you

  19. I also watch it 100 times it just glitches not showing all right well replays 100 times

  20. Oh please I never had any type of headset before I've always wanted a headset

  21. The If your done with your family and want to reject humaity HAD ME LAUGHING SO HARD

  22. I really needed this, I was getting tired of playing blade and sorcery and stride over and over and my other games just get really boring

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