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2022 was a wildly up and down year for games. We’ve got some personal picks from the team: our favorite games on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S/One, and Nintendo Switch.
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  1. Witcher 3 next gen has sunk its hooks deeeeeeeeeeep into me

  2. Sorry guys, probably one of the few persons who doesn t care about new.
    I am playing Wario Land 3 on my Gameboy, Metro 2033 and just found out a sealed copy of Populous, so firing my trusty Pentium 1 to spend some quality time with oldies but goldies.

  3. VRising was really good. Early access, so I guess it doesn't technically count for this list, but easily spent like 250 hours playing in the first few weeks.

  4. You guys should post or stream your playthroughs.
    Just a thought.

  5. Definitely forgot Dying Light 2. To me that should've been a pick for game of the year. And GOW Ragnorak was right up there with Elden ring. please cover up coming horror games for 2023. I heard next year is an amazing year for horror games and movies. Love your shit guys. Your top tier for real.

  6. did he.. really.. say Dying Light at the end? .. like really? Seriously?

  7. Watching this at 5:17 am waiting for my family to wake up so we can celebrate Christmas together peace and love to all

  8. I played Gotham Knights and honestly, I was thinking of avoiding it just because of the mixed reviews but surprisingly I enjoyed it a lot. It could improve but not as bad as some people claimed it was.

  9. not over a mention of horizon forbidden west. that should be top 3 for the year in my opinion

  10. Honestly the art style for that new monkey Island game looks pretty awesome to me

  11. Trying to say that you've been keeping the last two years low-key out of choice no between covid-19 and a lack of people giving a crap about your channel I can understand why you don't want to blow all your last little pennies on a video that no one even asked for

  12. Would be nice you guys put the name of the games, i can't coun't how many times I found a game mentioned interesting and I needed to spend several minutes trying to google it because I couldn't get the mane right.

  13. Would be nice you guys put the name of the games, i can't coun't how many times I found a game mentioned interesting and I needed to spend several minutes trying to google it because I couldn't get the mane right.

  14. When does Gameranx come with their own game?😉

  15. most of them felt pretty bias.. kinda hoping to get some honest game-rank for this year title..

  16. I’m here for the best grains of salt from 2022.

  17. Yes, this year has very cool games like Tunec, Stray and sifu

  18. I would add Gotham Knights and Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord to this list. And yes, I love Gotham Knights, that game is great if you put your time into it and don't rush it as many professional game reviewers.

  19. These are the top ones? Man. Games these days suck.

  20. Evil West is very mediocre in my opinion, was hyped but it is just not there honestly.

  21. Why isn't Horizon Forbidden West getting any love?

  22. Been playing:
    Crisis Core
    Gundam evolution
    Pso2: ngs

  23. the game i've enjoyed the most this year, is Saints Row IV – re-elected edition…. its not a new game, but i like it, and many, if not all, the bugs i had with the original SR IV are gone

  24. When they talked about vampire survivor at the VGAs I downloaded it on mobile and couldn't stop playing.

  25. Just played Spiderman (2018) this year and it was still impressive being 4 years old

  26. I'll never get over how they couldnt properly animate kratos paddling. He paddles like a goof.

  27. I didn’t play any new games this year but I’ll make my list of the best games I played this year,

    #10 forza horizon 5
    #9 assassins creed Valhalla
    #8 mafia 1+2 remastered
    #7 Batman Arkham origins
    #6 half life
    #5 gta v e&e
    #4 dead rising 1+2 otr remastered
    #3 the crew 2
    #2 trials hd
    #1 manhunt

  28. HIGH ON LIFE is by far my favorite because of the Morty humor 😂😂

  29. A few gems released this year that are not mentioned. Blacktail and Asterigos are two games that surprised me. Blacktail is an intriguing first person bow and arrow game with with beautiful visuals and unmatched style. Fun combat, cool battles and some other elements mixed in make for a very unique and satisfying experience. Asterigos is possibly one of my favorite indie souls likes now. Truly sucked me in with its great style, great boss battles, fun combat with tons of upgrades and like 6 fun weapons to use all from the very start. Highly recommend looking into these two!

  30. List is 🗑 🚮. We need more Afro-American devs

  31. Im playing the Sony Uncharted series on PC now. Its amazing..

  32. This was nothing but an excuse for him to show off all his ugly Xmas sweaters.

  33. Me replaying red dead 2 👁️👄👁️

  34. Yo! Where did you get the video game Christmas sweaters!?

  35. Sold me on the cult animal crossing synopsis 🤣🤣

  36. Ive played ALOT of new games in 2022 and, except MW2, there is only 1 other that always stuck in my head:

    Signalis. Its my GOTY

  37. Mine are elden ring, sifu, ragnarok, stray & PT: requiem

  38. Welcome Back from your vacation. Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas.

  39. Ok I looked around and seems I’m the only o e noticing he changes sweaters every 2 games 😂 nice touch

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