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2022 was a wildly up and down year for games. We’ve got some personal picks from the team: our favorite games on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S/One, and Nintendo Switch.
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  1. 6:34: My boy Falcon came through for the Sonic community. 👏🏾

  2. Minecraft amd cod zombies is all i play but i dream about playing other games every now and then lol

  3. Love ur videos man I have only 3 Important channels I follow for Ultimate Movies review CRITICAL DRINKER,For some light weight commedy ERB and for my favourite GAMES,right here on GAMERANX Say hi to FALCON for me have a merry Chrisi JAKE BALDINO

  4. PC Building Simulator 2 and Disney Dreamlight Valley

  5. I really enjoy Horizon Zero Dawn: Forbidden West. I feel it has one of the most unique story for what happened/happening to humanility.

  6. The hallway scene in DAREDEVIL ???!?? Are you serious right now Jake?

    It's obviously Oldboy!

  7. Citizen Sleeper was the game that came out of nowhere, but I fully enjoyed

  8. I know the point was to not pick like obvious good games but man this list was weak, thanks to the guy who time stamped everything so I didn't have to sit through the whole video.

  9. tried sekiro for the first time this year loved it

  10. The roulette of ugly sweaters was a nice touch

  11. 2022, stoped FF14..went back in time. and visted private servers. now trying deathloop and ghostwire

  12. Fully agree, keep the video like this and I always enjoy all your videos through the year !!! have a kick butt Christmas everyone !!

  13. Elden Ring killed every other game for me because it’s so good. Breath of the Wild did the same thing to me. Some games just reset the bar of what a good game is so much so that everything else is hard to keep your attention without thinking about them.

  14. My favorite games this year are pokemon legends and scarlet
    Elden ring
    And Kirby

  15. Noooo! No I’ve seen the face.. not cool anymore

  16. I love any reference to that hallway fight scene in the first season of DD. Not enough films and shows have those long-shots that are done without any cutaways. Children of Men was great about that.

  17. God of War is game of the year. Of the decade. Elden ring didn't deserve it.

  18. Just got GoW Ragnarok for Christmas, now gonna play the heck out of it.

  19. Cool sweater switcherino Jake, always good game recommendations

  20. you forgot to mention one of the great titles. The Dark Pictures Anthology – Devil in me is by far the best I played this year!

  21. I usually don’t play anything the year it comes out. My backlog is way to long I’m always playing old stuff lol
    I do make exceptions for the souls games though

  22. I liked Dying Light 2. My sister and I enjoy co-op games and she absolutely loves zombie fiction. We played Dead Island, some Riptide, and Dying Light 1 in co-op. We both are liking DL2. It's taken somewhat of a backseat to Far Cry 6 recently, though. We did FC5 and New Dawn together and are enjoying 6.

    Myself, I am enjoying Evil West. I am on my second playthrough, about 2/3 of the way through. My first one my Mom watched me play it (she likes to watch me play videogames), and my sister is watching me do a second one. It strongly reminds me of the TTRPG Deadlands. Deadlands is one of my favorite settings, and Evil West really scratches that itch.

  23. No one’s gonna mention Jake’s revolving doors of ugly Christmas sweaters lol Love it

  24. PlateUp is an amazing indie game. Try it

  25. 100% on Cult of the Lamb! So addictive and fun and unique.

  26. Merry Christmas and thanks for all brilliant entertainment.

  27. I respect the format of this year's "game of the year" type video, but I do miss the older "award" type video with different categories and nominations. I truly enjoyed those. Nevertheless, I appreciate all of the picks and the time you put into this.

  28. Top 10 of 2022 in no particular order is

    God of war ragnarok
    Dying light 2
    Modern warfare 2 campaign
    Last of us remake
    The quarry
    NFS unbound
    And I can’t think of anymore I played sifu but I’m trash so it’s not as enjoyable for me. Watching people play sifu is amazing

  29. Astlibra Revision, that game is amazing if given the chance

  30. You listed most of my favs of the year except Lego Star Wars, which I put many hours in

  31. you guys be choosing the weirdest games and say they're the best

  32. Screw all the picks, what I really want to know is where I get that sonic sweater Jake had on! That thing is awesome

  33. No forbidden West… wow, im surprised

  34. Shredders is one of the most frustratingly intimidating snowboarding games I've ever played but god damnit it's fun and hard as hell. It's basically if Skate and SSX had a baby. It's up there with Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2 as one of my favorite extreme sports game of the decade so far.

  35. man those bait and sweater-switch videos :Kappa
    For me its GT7, Xenoblade 3, GOWR, then i just got NSF and i am going to try Monkey Island and Signalis for usre. Elden Ring is probalby not my cup of tea.. it just looks so exhausting to play..

  36. Under a min in and dude LOVE YOUR SWEATER THO 😍

  37. This channel is so wholesome, and you all are very genuine in your work. I love it. I legitimately do come on to Youtube for your videos 😂 I’m not a social media person at all, so in my world that’s saying a lot. Keep it up you all, and have a great holiday and new year.

  38. This list is the worst best games list i ever seen, it's mostly 2d low budget childish crap that i can't understand how on hell are they still releasing these kinds of 2$ budget games ! I don't get how you mentioned these games and left horizon forbidden west for instance ?!

  39. High on Life was a really fun late 2022 game that was a blast to play through.

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