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Best Shooters On Xbox Game Pass!

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Do you want to know the VERY best shooters available for you right now through Xbox Game Pass? Well you’re in luck! In this video we’ll run through the very best shooters available to you through both Xbox Game Pass for Console and Xbox Game Pass for PC

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  1. Doom, Borderlands, and Shadow Warrior 2 along with Halo collection are the best shooters on game pass. Yes Wolfenstein is great but nothing beats Shadow Warrior, Doom, Borderlands and Halo on game pass.

  2. How can you say you're all about shooters without Call of Duty or Rainbow Six? Kinda defeats the purpose if you ask me.

  3. Mmmh bit disappointing.
    Hoped for a kind of "underdog" title here but all these are pretty well known by people who watch the market really nothing special :/

  4. Am i the only one that thinks xbox on has went way down hill since Ellen left?

  5. dodo do do do do
    apex just bit the dust
    dodo do do do do
    no video games we can trust.
    We want loot boxes gone! their why battlefront bombed
    EA and Activision you've lost touch.
    CoD, destiny 2 , antham, hell fallout was even rushed.

  6. We need to know more about the controller elite 2¡¡ when is it released in Mexico?? 😀


  8. Came to see the review but…she is is so cute ♥

  9. PUBG does not look like that in game lmao it runs like a potato

  10. 2:48 sniper scout heavy and engineer scout

    tf2 player: you forgot pyro spy and medic

  11. sadly prey is not on xbox game pass anymore😢

  12. im downloading shadow warrior 2 now 😂

  13. Some games mentioned isn’t on game pass anymore which sucks

  14. I feel like I’m listening to one of those thing in a GameStop, brings back memories

  15. Who plays ps4 and seeing if the Xbox games are good

  16. Pubg doesn’t look that good on the Xbox

  17. Interns of game pass Xbox is so comfortable man

  18. Gears of War 4 Is so Good Pleying It On series S

  19. I never know you can get superhoy on xbox me go download it

  20. Uh I don't remember doom 2016 being on gamepass until today but still good game

  21. gusy any yall have games like that arent like other shooter games
    other than fortnite

  22. What’s kinda sad is that roblox has no good tactical shooters except ghost recon but even a god damn roblox game is better then that well except the old ones the old ghost recon games are good

  23. I searched Metro exodus on my xbox and its not free with gamepass :/

  24. I’m kinda mad titanfall 2 isn’t here because it is a masterpiece. Story is easy to follow and deep for the people looking for that. Mobility is the best from any other game I’ve played. Not common for people to use broken weapons. Good community. Every micro transaction is what you want. Titans are mostly balanced. Base weapons like ARs are good. Players aren’t high health juggernaut ( that’s what titans are for) and it’s just overall a fun experience

  25. Why you throwing up the 666 handsighn ?????

  26. CelebrityTvAR أخبار المشاهير says:

    how come the xbox lacks good shooters? damn shooters r the most popular games lmao ps5 for win

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