Best Zombie Survival Games for iOS and Android (2020) -

Best Zombie Survival Games for iOS and Android (2020)

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Zombie Frontier 3

Dead Trigger 2

Last Day on Earth: Survival

Dawn of Zombies: Survival

Zombie Gunship Survival

[00:00] Intro
[00:21] #1: Zombie Frontier 3
[01:04] #2: Dead Trigger 2
[01:51] #3: Last Day on Earth: Survival
[02:44] #4: Dawn of Zombies: Survival
[03:25] #5: Zombie Gunship Survival

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  1. The reason why most mobile zombie games suck is cause they don't trust you with your own freedom of movement. Like we're to stupid to do both mechanics at the same time

  2. Hello, I played a zombie game on mobile, it is very colorful and you have a red house and are the only zombie, you also have a red shirt I think, you can go to a library and grocery store, and it’s 2d, your also just a normal green zombie and nobody is scared of you.

  3. ……and after playing, kill ourselves as a result of frustration from covid-19.

  4. Click-Bait thumbnail ….You could of still had the video without that Tomb Raider thumbnail…

  5. Dead trigger 2 is so boring no new level is the same every year to year.. Left to Survive is the one of the best Zombie killer game and sadly not have on this list..

  6. No new updates for dead trigger 2.highly recommended but sadly no updates to the campaign and the side mission gets redundant once u complete it and unlock all the gun and maps. It's great as u can play and link to ur pc and shooting becomes better using ur mouse.

  7. Which one can be at Resident evil or silent Hill level ? I test alot of offline n online horror games but no one of them at console level just like Resident 1remake or remake 2 or Silent hill share of memory

  8. Dead trigger 2 should have an offline mode

  9. I already played all this games, plus it's not even 2020, all of this are 2 years or older

  10. Slavic pronunciation is disgusting omg… Learn proper English!

  11. My biggest issue with last day on earth is that it would take me months to get an item that should not be that hard to get making it feel like a pay to win game.

  12. Man i recall there used to be a zombie game in which one boy and girl used to fight zombies and survive and they had their base set up on a terrace of a building if anyone knows the name of that game please tell me cause i forgot it i think i played it 2 or 3 years ago on android

  13. Anybody know a zombie game on iOS, I played it a long time ago. It’s an aerial view and you run your guy around with a joystick and aim and shoot with the other joystick. I’m pretty sure your a military team with swat gear and stuff

  14. You can change automatic shooting in dead trigger 2

  15. I love the zombie game in gone to download the zombie game so I can play this is a great game God bless you everyone and God love you everyone

  16. I hate games like Zombie Frontier 3. This is just a turret game.
    They throw your character in a setting and then…you shoot.
    You can't move. That's about the most gameplay you'll get out of it.
    Now Dead Trigger is something.. and automatic fire can
    be turned off.

  17. Trailer is better then the game so I don't trust trailers at all so put gameplay next time

  18. Come on Mann
    I know ldoe is good, but I'm bored of that game already (just because of the loading screen)

  19. I didn't play Zombie Gunship Survival, but the first and second choices were crap. I mean, they were pay to win pieces of trash. You run out of food & water way to soon. Best to just go back to your shelter and drop off your stuff then die. And weapons deteriorate too soon. You might go to an area to loot then find yourself without a weapon and die there. So much for whatever weapons and armor you bought with real money. Play Deliver Us From The Pain instead. It is similar, but a lot more forgiving. Its like a lite version maybe, but you don't lose your stuff when you die.

  20. I’ve had dead trigger for years it’s such a good game

  21. Not surprised u got 1 mil subs

  22. Wtf the first two games sound lame as fuck. Can shoot on one of them and can’t move in another? Just sounds like a target shooting game and a walking sim. Lame, tired of every zombie moving sucking sick nowadays.

  23. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 about unkilled

  24. The best for in 100 MB , Zombie Frontier : 3 sniper FPS

  25. Bro next time plZ also tell the storage it needs

  26. Dislike bcoz of these fucking adds

  27. I love dead trigger 2…
    But for some reason…
    It doesnt work on my phone anymore and it is stuck on the Menu and said internet connection is weak even though i had a fuckin great wifi connection…

  28. Dead trigger 2 is a bad game even played the tech lvl 7 Russia champion no mission, laggy, no horror dead trigger better than this

  29. I've had ZGS for about 10 to 12 months
    The grind is real and only got my first Legendary couple months ago and I had to buy it with the 9000 gold you slowly save up
    Pretty fun though hahaa ^_^
    DT2 is just okay 8|
    But oooohhhh i can't wait to try out these other games
    Thanks you!

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