BODYCAM: The Most Ultra-Realistic Game I've Ever Played.. -

BODYCAM: The Most Ultra-Realistic Game I’ve Ever Played..

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Welcome to Bodycam – The most ultra -ealistic fps game I have ever played. In this video we take a look at all new gameplay in 4K 60FPS.

Thank you to Reissad Studio for the free copy.

Bodycam is the first ultra-realistic multiplayer, first-person shooter game made using the latest technologies of the next-gen game engine Unreal Engine 5. Get ready to dive into fast-paced Bodycam actions, where every bullet counts and every choice can decide over the victory or loss of your team.

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  1. We need to start keeping track of how many indie games this house asset shows up in

  2. This is a ready or not map with a hella crazy mod it seems

  3. This reminds me of the Rainbow 6 Siege days… good times

  4. It's the house from the Crystal Maze mission in GTA5. Where Trevor burns the meth lab farm house down

    that's why it looks familiar.

  5. Hi hollow are you playing with hacks ?

  6. I the ragdoll in this game is insanely realistic.

  7. Been seeing this for years shit the fuck up

  8. Can i play this with rtx 1660 super Ryzen 5 5500?

  9. Swear the house is from either the horror game where the girl is obsessed with you and has long nails/chases you around during a blizzard. But honestly it reminds me of too many other ones as well. This was super cool!!

  10. U can already look through walls 😂

  11. Imagine if a big gaming studio/conpany like Epic games bought this game out

  12. When you're in the house it shouldn't sound like you're shooting outside. The reverb needs to be more of a plate, shorter & muffled.

  13. feels like theyve done a great job making weapons feel as lethal as they should, in the ways they should and made material feel very real, volumetric or dense while being able to shoot through what you'd expect.
    sort of nauseatingly real.

    only things i can say are that it seems stuttery at times and just unfluid, fine that its slow but it just seems rough and choppy.
    would be nice with more range and open, strategic back and fourth fights, throwing rounds without necesarrily killing, kind of playing off of the horror aspect of war.
    would also be nice with more choice when it comes to weapon, feels unpersonal and like free floating when being dropped with random guns and optics, would be nice to get a sense of being "the shotgunner" and so on, being able to pick the overkill and less practical svd for more anti-barrier capability. would prolly just boil down to meta (ak, scar, m4) then but in a game like this i'd bet you could still use anything.

  14. I was gonna jump in and buy the game but no controller support

  15. hype game looks great. they should add zombies

  16. people saying this is just an asset flip or whatever don't understand that billion dollar companies have access to the same tools. what exactly is their excuse?
    if it's just assets well than maybe these billion dollar companies should hire 1000 people to just make assets and slap something together real quick.

  17. for this game to stay popular they'd need to add much larger maps and vehicles this arena type shooter from 15 years ago isn't very fun anymore at least not for longer than 30 minutes.
    people want chaos and domino effects of something happening and then it triggers 5 other things like when you chop down a tree in valheim or a troll smacks a tree and you see event after event happening just because the game has physics. games lack physics and physics are insanely fun and create randomness.

  18. I just had to think back to 1993 and me playing DOOM on my 386/SX-33 for some reason …similar feeling somehow. Carmack was also only 22y old while developing it.

  19. what is the minimum requiement to play this game? csgo cod and adn some bf combine its dope!

  20. I got motion sickness watching this for some reason anybody else

  21. God imagine if this had VR haptics. The ultimate shooter experience.

  22. Whats your pc specs ? Need to know so I can also play 4k60

  23. Welcome in to the future 🎉

    This is one of the firsts nextgen games

  24. I want to see all AMDesperation fans playing this game 😂😂😂😂

  25. Really just wanted to try this one out, and all though we had a rough start lol i thought this was a pretty incredible experience.
    I also believe the game needs some improvements in a multiple area, still very impressive.
    Let me know what you think

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