Boneworks - Next Gen VR Gameplay! -

Boneworks – Next Gen VR Gameplay!

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  1. 2:30
    The guy in vr just ignoring the guy talking to play with a hovering ball

  2. Daddy Brandon I want to play on quest becuase that’s all I could afford🤣

  3. wow, 2 years ago and this game is still a wonderful work of art…

  4. i love boneworks so much but my pc is very bad so my fps isnt that good

  5. AAA got nothing on this this should be a AAAA

  6. He just talking seriously vr guy just haha ball go brrr

  7. Bro got this game like 2 months ago and I already think it is without doubt is the best vr game possibly the best game ever made so happy with this!

  8. this man is talking about how the game is the future of vr while a dude is content with smacking a ball around

  9. Pretty soon it's gonna be like the book/movie ready player 1

  10. Congrats on all the success of boneworks. I appreciate the consumer first approach. it is refreshing

  11. Speaking about all the tech and time that went into this game
    Some guy: haha ball

  12. This is crazy how stuff like this is decently common today

  13. So does this mean a spider man web slinger game is coming.

  14. You know. They should add a option to change skin models to: if you want the old ones, or not, and you can preview the skin.

  15. I've played through the game three times and these videos still get me excited

  16. We’re coming up on 3 years since this, and their development philosophy about everything needing to interact with physics, and having a body the player can see, and the controller being necessary as a proxy for the held object is still the best vision for VR there is. Don’t get me wrong, non physics games and games without full bodies can be fun, and haptic gloves are cool, but reliably producing VR games that feel visceral and real is hard, and they’ve cracked the code on the necessary elements.

    I’ve been hyped for what Stress Level 0 has been making since Hover Junkers. Here’s hoping project 4 takes us even further!

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