Code a Fun Space Shooter Game 🚀 | 1. Move & Shoot | Scratch Tutorial -

Code a Fun Space Shooter Game 🚀 | 1. Move & Shoot | Scratch Tutorial

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How to build a simple, fast paced space shooter in Scratch based on the classic arcade game Asteroids, but with Lemons! In the first of this three part Scratch coding tutorial we cover player movement and the firing of lasers. This will then set us up for the really exciting part two where we can look at enemy Lemons, collisions, and splitting of the lemons. Part 3 will venture into the awesome explosion flashes, screen shake and more!

Wondering why Lemons? Well, Lemons were the first fruit to have achieved interstellar capability and are thus attempting to take over the universe. To tackle such a scenario we obviously need to fight back with rapid fire lemon busting lasers!

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————–Video Chapters————–
0:00 Intro
01:06 The Player Sprite
03:04 Player Movement
07:17 The Laser Sprite
08:35 Laser Code
10:34 Firing the laser
13:09 Triggering lasers the right way
15:25 Outro

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  1. Why am I not able to move it I am only able to take it forward but not backwards

  2. mine would only shoot in a straight line! please help me!

  3. I don't know why but the bullets won't work
    it is common that usually I watch tutorials one or two things don't work for some reason

  4. I copied everything and made sure i had no other code and it still diddnt work ;-;

  5. Wow the space shooter games looks supercool

  6. I love your Videos Simple & Always FUN!

  7. Bruh right now he has 210K subs. I feel like u should be getting more subs for the hard work that u put in these vids. 😀

  8. Im jealous cuz im on macbook air so i cant do the tricks except for shift 😢😢😢

  9. 🎶 🎶 American, World Police! 🎶 🎶 YEA GUYS THAT'S ME I GIVE JUSTICE TO EVERY LEMON I SEE

  10. It's Perfect! But the Player is only moving the short path.

  11. he could use [change y by ((<key (right) pressed> – <key (left) pressed)>) * 8)] to move the spaceship.

  12. Thanks to you, I’m making a game called Watermelon Shooter.

  13. We need to get this guy to 1M subscribers for his christmas present!!!!!!!

  14. You sound like mumbo jumbo but American

  15. lemons are sour so you should make a boss lemon that can shoot sour bombs

  16. You have said "Lemon" or "Lemons" 16 times in a 'very short' amount of time I can tell that you were VERY focused on LEMON edit: mistake I forgot the end it was 18 times

  17. Before starting the vid:
    “(What should I say? Lemons or scratches?..) lemons is better!
    After starting the vid:
    “Hello fellow lemons!”

  18. Love the video, but there's no air resistance in space.

  19. I added my very own reload function! Plus i subbed!

  20. Thank you bro,i finally created mi BTD Spin-off(Heli-pilot Vs Bloons)

  21. why when i hold the space key the lasers sudennly makes my game laggy

  22. looking at shooting the lasers is sooooo satisfying

  23. Can u make a tutorial of a “decorating christmas tree” game. I want to do it for a project

  24. why my speed x or speed y forever to 8.1

  25. Hey griffpatch, can you send me your cursor link? i like your cursor.

  26. How my keys when moving the ship i just go back and fourth? Need help

  27. the only youtuber which can actually help you lol

  28. When i make a block, when i connect it with other blocks it won't work, how can i make it work??

  29. When i make a block, when i connect it with other blocks it won't work, how can i make it work??

  30. I planed a fnf mod caked true madness we’re when the song start type couldn’t see the arrows and when the arrows flash you could se them then they will slowly hide themselves

  31. Why when I shoot I grabbed laser And go to laser code

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