Combat Veteran REACTS to Realistic Shooter Games | Total Recoil -

Combat Veteran REACTS to Realistic Shooter Games | Total Recoil

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Today Israel is joined by Green Beret, Nate Boyer where they are reacting to some Military Simulator games to analyse and compare accuracy and realism to potential real-life situations. The guys review different footage from Insurgency Sandstorm, Escape From Tarkov and Ground Branch to highlight key characteristics from each. They follow along with players communicating with each other to identify enemy whereabouts and key information in regards to their missions. What did you think of today’s video, let us know down below!
00:00 Intro
01:27 Insurgency Sandstorm
05:15 Escape from Tarkov
07:50 Ground Branch
12:01 Outro
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Nate Boyer:
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The Spec Ops playlist:

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  1. I want to see his reaction to Squad

  2. In one of the parts of the react is marines and the army

  3. Nate even knows Leroy Jenkins, yea he's cool

  4. Escape from tarkov punish u for flaging ur friend is called killing ur friend by accident lol happens when you don’t communicate properly

  5. This guy straight up looks and sounds like Thomas Haden Church and Josh Brolin had a baby.


  7. You miss very important thing as psychological side. All this players were not under stress. Only competative games, when highly motivated players act against other higly motivated players and face great risk of defeat starting to comunicate and to act different, but maybe more realistic. You should watch and listen matches in Rainbow Six Siege on high ranks or on competitions.

  8. To be really realistic the game should have you wait around doing nothing for hours between missions

  9. He was actually in the British military show some respect

  10. lol insurgency isn't a milsim game. it's just a slower call of duty/counterstrike

  11. These guys need to react to Soviet Womble Arma 3 videos… It would be so damn funny

  12. Those guys have actual military training and they input that in their game play I watch a lot of his games on his channel

  13. Am i the only one who wants to see them react to vr shooters like pavlov or onward

  14. this is played by glid and his circle of veterans

  15. Glid is a Royal marine and gruntcom is former us marines

  16. ground branch doesnt ding you for muzzle discipline but it is very unforgiving and 1 shot can put you down so those situations are quite tense sometimes

  17. The guy who played this was ex-Royal Marines

  18. I can answer that question he asked at the 1:20 mark. No i hoped in insugency and went 6-12 im good on the military

  19. Cameron is better, this special guest guy is a bit boring (for the purpose of this channel).

  20. In the GLID discord not everyone is a vet there some are tactic geeks(like me) there. its a fun enjoyable experience if you enjoy tactics or hanging with vets I recommended joining. (PS not an add just giving my experience)

  21. Also the British person, royal marine commando I think check the discord.

  22. Do games like Insurgency encourage people to join the military? I don't think they do. Most arcadey shooters fail to really hammer home just how quickly and drastically a situation can deteriorate (and how suddenly and unceremoniously you can die without ever even seeing what hit you), but milsim leans into that idea hard. If anything, I would think experiencing the more realistic chaos of a military engagement would discourage people from pursuing a military career. I know for a fact after playing Insurgency that I do not have the stones to do what you guys do.

  23. The guy you guys watched first is British special forces

  24. Man Josh Brolin's brother is a complete badass.


  26. He looks like he would be one of the characters in Madmen.

  27. I'd like to see a reaction to how realistic and animation of the firearms from gun club Vr .

  28. “Would it get more people to join or not”

    Very valid question and possibly worth looking into

  29. You should take another look at Groundbranch. Huge Update came out which improved many things such as low and high ready, animations etc. pp

  30. Studio Reference / Open-Back headphones are what you're thinking of Israel. As long as you have a relatively quiet environment to play in, Studio Reference are the way to go as they have some of the lowest lows and highest highs without the scratchy or shrill undertones, along with insane positional audio. I used to play Rainbow Six Siege competitively and that was the whole reason I ended up purchasing a pair of high-end headphones and a dac/amp combo to power them. It's a night and day difference and I didn't have cheap headphones before that either. I play Insurgency Sandstorm alot now and they definitely help, though it can get a bit overwhelming if you're in the middle of a mortar strike along with gunfire going off.
    It's not cheap to get good open-back headphones and typically you'll need to pick up an external mic like a Blue Snowball, but it's worth it if you game a lot and prefer headphones. Especially because they also have really good padding for the ear cups. I'd def check out Sennheiser and Beyer-Dynamic if you're interested, those are the two brands I have the most experience with and never have had an issue (the 1990 PROs I use are going on 4-5 years now and still running great, so take that as you will.)

  31. All good fun, this guy seems knowledgeable, However what's his experience? How many years on a team? How much Alpha detachment time or mostly FID experience. Why not have a senior Ranger? Outside of the green guys they have the best direct action experience. Additionally I'm not saything this Green Beret doesn't I was just asking. Great content and thank you.

  32. Have they ever met a real life Pvt L. Jenkins?

    It’s nice to see GLid getting some love too a retired Uk commando gamer

  33. I'm both sad and jealous on how modded that insurgency gameplay was

  34. Bruh…he's to smooth, Mr. Steal Your Girl lol. At the same time you know hes seen some shit.

  35. I'd like to play the first game it looks like you could train up a team or squad to use real tactics and own I bet. I like bf games but the unrealistic stuff does kinda ruin it for me. But that game seems like a vet and life long hunted could actually use real life skills in a shooter. Think I'm going to have to give it a shot maybe I'll actually play fps shooter games again and enjoy it. Navy swcc training up gamers could be a experience possibly hilarious or maybe work idk. I'll come back and post how the experiment went.

  36. Oh and great video I expected a roast lol. I've seen socials posts where gamers talk about how fps games like cod are there training for marksmanship and tactics. Like they can use that crap irl silly af lol.

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