Conan Takes A Samurai Sword To The Gut | CONAN on TBS -

Conan Takes A Samurai Sword To The Gut | CONAN on TBS

Team Coco
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CONAN Highlight: When Steven Ho hooks up Conan to a blood tube for his latest stunt, the entire set gets transformed into a Tarantino movie.

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Conan Takes A Samurai Sword To The Gut | CONAN on TBS


  1. 2:02 looks like when me and my girlfriend gets into a fight

  2. bro if it was real evreone would be like
    "OMG THIS IS SO FUNNY LMAO whats this smell?"

  3. The guy: dying in pain

  4. When I was young I thought this was Gordon rasmey and it was real

  5. this isnt legal why isnt youtube doing something about this

  6. I call this being "Matsumoto'd" instead of a disembowelment

  7. Im gonna take this out of context and send it to my friend and tell him that he was actually bleeding.

  8. "They're all gonna laugh at you!" 🪣🩸


    Me: shut that mouth

  10. shout out to conan for actually getting stabbed by a sword and bleeding out on the floor for this video

  11. That was a smidge excessive dont you think?

  12. Imagine how long it would take to wash that shirt…

  13. bruh my friend said this video was real and conan died and had a sezuire and i thought it was real now im mad at him

  14. Camera man: how fake do u want this to be
    Conan: Yes.

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