DEAD TARGET: Shooting Games - Japan theme. Let's see how zombies in Japan are! -

DEAD TARGET: Shooting Games – Japan theme. Let’s see how zombies in Japan are!

VNG Game Studios
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[DT V266] Japan Survival map – Let’s kill zombie in the Land of the Rising Sun! Experience the wonder of the circus every time you unlock your device with digital circus characters gif. Exclusive collection showcases the enchanting world of The Amazing Digital Circus, featuring cute characters and surreal scenes.
Dead Target: Offline Shooting Games
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  1. Kinda hate the fact that this game was made in my country…

  2. I knpw some best shooting game which you can even play online,

    Poki games "Combat reloaded"

  3. Any update to us are dead target2?..
    Becaz other zombie developers was released their zombie game part2 …

  4. Bravo 👏🏿🇧🇯🇧🇯🇧🇯 c'est nouveau ça

  5. pero si dead tartet nos realista solo pone como es nuevo

  6. Yet another fake gameplay advertisement. For shame

  7. Aqie bkggi Didi oklt muoo eyi Dad Zombie

  8. The game is nothing like this. It has PS2-like graphics and you're stationary.

  9. Isn't this like…false advertisement?

  10. How are these companies still getting away with these obviously faked gameplay trailers?

  11. How come no one on mobile can just make a good premium game for $20 that's like a real first person shooter or action adventure. Mobile has so much potential, we're at the point where graphics can push us past what 3DS and Vita were, and basically Switch too, and we even have universal controllers that connects to your device to make it basically a Switch like handheld, we just need the software now, just give us good software to make our phones like dedicated handhelds.

    Also smartphones capable of playing more complex games are super cheap now, a $50 smart phone will play Dead Trigger now, which was the most graphically intensive phone game of it's time, and I even got advanced Nvidia only features to work in that game on a $50 smart phone, the industry is missing out on a huge market of single player gamers on mobile.

  12. Fake game play do not download.

  13. Dead trigger is still the best mobile zombie shooter game. It was an actual first person game. The mobile games that are put out now are super terrible

  14. How about making it the way you guys advertise the dann game!!!

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