DIY Arduino Laser pointer Shooting Game -

DIY Arduino Laser pointer Shooting Game

Mirko Pavleski
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This time I will show you how to make a simple but addictive game for one or more players. The game consists of the following:
We have five blue LEDs that light at random order and intervals. Under each LED is a photoresistor that is actually a target. The object of the game is to shoot the LDR (target) under the active LED with a light beam from a laser pointer. As soon as you hit this LDR, the corresponding LED goes out. You need to shoot as many targets as possible. You get one point and one more shot for each destroyed Target (at the beginning of the game you have 5 points). The game is lost if you fail to shoot down a target (too slow) or if you run out of ammunition. The course of the game is accompanied by appropriate sounds for the start, hit the target, or end of the game. Basically, the code is taken from the site, and I added an I2C LCD display so that instead of the serial monitor, the result is displayed on the display, so now this is a standalone device.
Otherwise, the device is very simple to make and contains only a few components:
– Arduino nano microcontroller
– 16×2 I2C LCD display
– 5 LEDs
– 5 LDR resistors
– momentary switch
– and 10 resistors
LDR resistors have a resistance of about 2 kiloohms in normal lighting and about 300 ohms when illuminated with a laser pointer. Consequently, the resistors connected to them should have a resistance in the range of 680 ohms, up to 1.2 kiloohms. Depending on the type of LDR resistors used, this value may vary. Otherwise, for this project, it is best to make a custom PCB on which the Arduino and all the resistors and components will be mounted, so we will have greater visibility in case there is a need for any intervention. For that purpose, you can visit my sponsor PCBgogo. They offer 24 hours expedited service. Make your PCB on the link in the description.
Immediately after switching on, all LEDs start flashing and together with the corresponding sounds mark the beginning of the game. The end of the game is also marked by flashing all the diodes, and the LCD display shows the result in the form of points. For a new game, you have to press the Start button.

Detailed instructions, schematic diagram, and Arduino code at:

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  1. Where's the code for restart? I can't find it in codes. You have Restart button on digital pin 8 in the circuit diagram but nowhere in the program it was declared or used.

  2. Great Job!, I have done one but I'm having problems to make it work. Can you help me? I would like to explain you the issues. I really like your project. Thank you

  3. Can u share the codes? this is awesome project

  4. Nice game. You could add some spicy dynamism adding the reaction times of the gamers: when two gamers hit the same number of targets, the winner is the faster shooter.

  5. That is a really cool project.
    Well Done.

  6. Hello Mirko when are you going to build a more powerful PEMF device based on your updated model with frequency Generator module ?
    Thank you !

  7. This is really cool. would like to try this but set the laser up to a gun with a trigger for the boys to practice their aim.

  8. great job……do it again and again….genius….

  9. //I want to write the print command here PLEASE HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP














    if (currentTimeButton-previousTimeButton>=buttonInterval)





    } while(digitalRead(printPin)==HIGH);

    if (printtimeout==false)




    printtimeout=false; //

    void print()


  10. I'd like to make my own, with the ldrs in a target shape, one in the center, if hit all the lights flash. slight mods…its a great concept.

  11. Hi there, May I ask a question? is that wooden board that you make it from yourself? or just buy it? I referring to #6:08 there

  12. This could be really helpful for rehabbing neck problems. A laser mounted on head is often used. Is it possible to buy this device, completed?

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