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Evolution of ZOMBIE RAIL SHOOTER games (1989-2022)

Hoang 1991
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0:00 Beast Busters (1989)
0:17 Laser Ghost (1989)
0:32 Zombie Apocalypse (1992)
0:46 Corpse Killer (1994)
1:01 Zombie Apocalypse II (1994)
1:14 Zombie Raid (1995)
1:29 Crypt Killer (1995)
1:43 Area 51 (1995)
1:59 The House of the Dead (1996)
2:15 CarnEvil (1998)
2:31 Evil Night (1998)
2:47 The House of the Dead 2 (1998)
3:03 Beast Busters: Second Nightmare (1998)
3:19 Ed Hunter (1999)
3:35 Death Crimson OX (2000)
3:48 Vampire Night (2001)
4:04 The House of the Dead III (2002)
4:19 The Maze of the Kings (2002)
4:31 The House of the Dead 4 (2005)
4:48 Killer7 (2005)
5:04 Touch the Dead (2007)
5:20 Silent Hill: The Arcade (2007)
5:33 Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles (2007)
5:48 Simple DS Series Vol. 32 – The Zombie Crisis (2008)
6:03 DOOM Resurrection (2009)
6:16 Haunted Museum (2009)
6:32 The House of the Dead: OVERKILL (2009)
6:48 Dead Space: Extraction (2009)
7:04 Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles (2009)
7:21 Attack of the Movies 3D (2010)
7:35 Sega Golden Gun (2010)
7:50 Deadstorm Pirates (2010)
8:05 Zombiez Seeker (2011)
8:20 The House of the Dead: Overkill – Extended Cut (2011)
8:36 Shh…! Welcome to Frightfearland (2011)
8:51 Zombie Big Trouble (2013)
9:04 Dark Escape 4D (2013)
9:19 Beast Busters Featuring KoF (2014)
9:33 Sailor Zombie: AKB48 Arcade Edition (2014)
9:47 Big Buck HD Wild – In Case Of Zombies: Doe Of The Dead (2015)
10:02 Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (2016)
10:17 Call of Nightmare (2017)
10:30 The Walking Dead Arcade (2017)
10:45 Left to Survive (2018)
11:01 House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn (2018)
11:18 Zombie Desperation (2018)
11:32 Judgment – Mini game: Kamuro of the dead (2018)
11:48 Fovos (2019)
12:02 Voyage of the Dead (2019)
12:17 Darkness Rollercoaster: Ultimate Shooter Edition (2019)
12:32 Zombie Call: Trigger 3D (2021)
12:47 Dead Containment (2021)
13:01 The House of the Dead: Remake (2022)

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  1. Christ the flashing from House of the Dead

  2. Why does newgen still look like 2006 stuff lol

  3. And to think this doesn't even mention Scarlet Dawn.

    Edit: I am wrong, it does.

    Also, thanks, I didn't know a third of the list!

  4. Where is Chiller(Arcade, NES and Resident Evil: Survivor(psone)?

  5. House of The Dead, Vampire Night & Golden Gun were my favourites

  6. complete time crisis series is missing, also cabela's rail shooter and gunblade NY, L.A. machineguns

  7. All I gotta say is CarnEvil and House of The Dead 2 since they were my childhood especially CarnEvil!

  8. Among all the zombie rail shooters have come & gone. Neither of them success to beat House Of The Dead game 😎.

  9. The Laser Ghost cabinet had a nice gimmick where a cleverly placed plexiglass on the top part of the mounted gun (think a large, slanted holographic sight) would create an optical illusion of beams being fired at the screen. Game was about as cheap as a rail shooter of the era tho 😂.

  10. Honestly, I am more surprised to see 3 player coop mode, and, in a way, the many inspirations of online flash games

  11. If you can, give Resident Evil Umbrella and Darkside chronicles a go.

    Those two games are genuinely fantastic.

  12. Crypt Killer lived in my mind for decades. I remember playing it with my brother and dad, it was 25 cents to play. I totally forgot the name until seeing it now.

  13. House of the dead 2 and overkill the best of the genre

  14. Used to have Crypt Killer on the PS1. Whenever I wasn't feeling in a Time Crisis mood, I'd pop that in and my Dad always watched me play.

  15. This was an outstanding video. Definitely brought back a lot of really great memories, especially all House of the Dead and CarnEvil (which could definitely use a 2020’s remake).

  16. Don't play resident evil because against Islam

  17. that how the graphics has evolved from the past pew decades

    Please check and support my content guys thank you so much for your help

  18. ビーストバスターズてAmigaだったんか…

  19. 看到現今的畫質仍然殘破不堪 了解還有很長的路要走 先跟你各位預言 超現實是最後的終點 現在連現實都還達不到……在座的各位這輩子是等不到了😮‍💨

  20. Never heard of that Sailor Zombie FPS game, definitely a Japan-only arcade game. 🧟‍♀️

  21. I like hotd and carnevil tho 😀

  22. First one, is sooo duplicate that rven the zombies can use guns and bikes, cars

  23. Somehow I find the old one very creepy the pixel graphics and the sound track and effect

  24. Me and my friend beat dead storm pirates and house of the dead scarlet down we were proud but we blew a ton of money on our arcade cards

  25. so many of these rail shooters don't get it, especially in recent years. a big part of the fun was always shooting the zombies and seeing big chunks and blood fly all over, not to cover the whole screen with flashing colors and particle effects like a rhythm game. there's a simple joy in shooting a monster and watching it explode

  26. ปลูกง่ายๆเกษตรในบ้าน says:

    Very good

  27. When resident evil did there rail shooters they where pretty good

  28. I love how most of the japanese zombie game put random english word from the dictionary to make the game title/name sounds cooler. House of the dead is really cool.

  29. Crypt killer with many endings and bosses

  30. A Good VR Zombie On-Rail shooter is Drop Dead: Dual Strike Edition.

  31. It urks me on so many of these that people aren't aiming for the heads…

  32. 🎃🎃🎃🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️

  33. Resident Evil is my most one zombie game. I'm looking forward to 4 remake coming out next year.

  34. The House of the Dead 3 is the best rail zombie shooter ever, imo.

  35. Dead space extraction was a great rail shooter. So was the resident evil ones

  36. The house of the dead one of the best badass game all time in my opinion 👌 💯

  37. Laser Ghost & Beast Busters are memories arcade games I've spent and played at the arcade in Singapore in the 90s ya! 🙂👍🏼

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