FALLUJAH 100 PLAYER REALISTIC WARFARE! - SQUAD 50 vs 50 PVP Gameplay - playkindcity.com


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  1. When US Marines, Soldiers, Navy, Air Force get their new Laser Firing weapons i think it will be incredible

  2. Pakistan the heaven of terrorist

  3. "Game good. Game Prerry good." -OperatorDrewski

  4. Sir can you please give me this game?? 🥺🥺

  5. in 10 years this game will still be amazing, 16:00 was bad ass, but at 23:00 they fucked you up

  6. Yooo real quick what video was that when he was yelling “YOU SONS OF BITCHES “

  7. You didn’t clear the roof during your introduction… you just ran up the stairs like you were back home or something

  8. I wish they would add fast roping to the game

  9. They should make a game mode for one life in a gunfight like this vid

  10. As Post Scriptum player this looks SO ULTRA familiar. 😀 (And yeah yeah, I know why!)

  11. warzone going on and constant gunfire
    *karmakut "this is a nice detailed building"

  12. Yeah it was terrifying in real 😳 and shity part is holy places said mosques were bullshit save havens for them to retreat in

  13. Honestly seeing Drewski with that M203 in the forest is just weaponized deforestation. love it bro and keep up the work!

  14. Can anyone tell me if you can customize your character in squad? That’s a MUST for me in games like this

  15. Cool stuff. Hot tip: keep your rifle barrel from exiting an opening that you're shooting or observing through.

  16. They made a game about it. Neat. We didn't run that fast

  17. What a intense game, so realistic, i just got the Insurgency : Sandstorm with 50% off, now i'm waiting for some discount on SQUAD, so much fun, looks like a real footage, if there was a chest camera would be crazy.

  18. Don’t believe the PPSH was a common weapon to be found in Fallujah

  19. I wish they would bring this to console! That really looks like an awesome game

  20. Are you fucking kidding me? They want to delay the shit out of Six Days but this is okay?

  21. I would legitimately pay of you to play 6 Days in Falluja.

  22. Im here watching this squad and arma 3 game play with my low end laptop cuz im too broke to afford the games.

  23. That's awesome! These military action heroes were really look like real-life LVN Action Heroes!

  24. I think the fictional bin ladens camp is like the one in a movie called codenamed Geronimo

  25. Where are those guys, they said they were fans.

  26. I can afford the game but not the graphics or the FPS

  27. Get a soundboard of yourself saying "its a soundboard"! That way you can spam it and make anyone doubt its you 👌🏻😂

  28. I just downloaded it Do you need to buy custom guns or does it go with it while you are a marine and ARMY?

  29. This game is way better than COD. No nameplates… hope this game can detect aimbots.

  30. Bro you straight mopped the floor with those guys in that room with the box 😂

  31. im not gonna lie, that video is when i subscribed to this channel hahah

  32. I bought the game and me and my teammates planned a ambush (we died)

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