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Viva La Dirt League
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The complete first season of FPS Logic



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  1. Not a single mention of the Red Army being already in Berlin, you got every fps game spot on!

  2. I’m pretty sure I just watched a short movie…

  3. I think I died laughing and never wanted it to end hahah

  4. the way that his m1 garand didn't need to reload when it shot more than 8 rounds lol

  5. 1:59 Wow, you're definitely gonna die. Every movie's logic 😂

  6. Down voted because YouTubes new weird thumbs up animation.

  7. bro who is in charge of your prop department and where do you find this stuff? an fg 42?! that is like the holy grail of ww2 guns real or prop

  8. the production alone is phenomenal wow. Loved it.

  9. This was phenomenal, you had me in stitches!! Absolutely class lads, great work!! 😂 🤙

  10. OK, I just came down with a mild case of covid yesterday – main symptom is a tight dry painful cough. I hurt myself repeatedly laughing through the whole German camp infiltration segment.

  11. 1:36 With Captioning on instead of Benjamin it says "Bitchman"

  12. Look who finally decided to subscribe to viva la dirt league

  13. Ochs - historische Kampfkünste e.V. says:

    Which camera do you use?! The Color grading is far better than 90% of the movies out there

  14. My wife dont understand this video, meanwhile i keep laughing 😀

  15. Oh man. I wish I found this channel earlier

  16. some of these things arent even purely fps only, like the guys moving too slow happens all the time in any mmo escort quest, same with corpses and no one seeming to care!

  17. Next part of the plot I wanna see him take Hitler ,!,

  18. The only thing missing was someone splashing ketchup in his eyes as he got shot 😀

  19. I really want to see the next part where they go after Hitler.

  20. I nearly wet myself laughing at this, and nearly woke up the whole house in the middle of the night, I couldn’t stop laughing so hard!!!!!!

  21. sorry guys but this is Call Of Duty Logic not FPS…

  22. every details at every seconds is just spot on daymmmm. i am crying 😀

  23. 6:12 – I suppose the gun held upside down gitch is solved till toda. I wanna buy the game but please fix the bugs for dog sake… 😎

    7:10 – Our options matter, not the writer. This should be fixed.

    9:15 – That it could stay… it's fun to see chaos in moving to next target.

    9:55"What are you doing?" – hahahaaaa… That's another one that should stay ;=)

    11:25"I'ma gonna find who did this" – It's a no no…

    12:09 – safe way or… I always choose Rambo style. It's more fun, so it should stay.

    14:13 – Doing things that you don't want when they say it's a free choice game… Of course it is impossible to do that in a game like the one presented, because our kids won't have the onor to play it, because they will still building / programming / designing etc…and it could be ready after… at least two generations.

    Eh… for me that's it for now.

    Please add other obvious glitches that you see here. Maybe they solved them in the last 6 years.

  24. One day these blokes are gonna make their own cinematic masterpiece and give Taika a run for his money as the best Kiwi comedy director. And I'll be there front row

  25. This is Bad. Bad Company…and it's legit the only battlefield game I would buy.

  26. Prawda choć boli,to prawda was wyzwoli. says:

    Bravo Bravo Bravo 👏👏👏👏!That was brilliant.Excelence
    parody of all FPS games ever!!!😂😂😉

  27. Prawda choć boli,to prawda was wyzwoli. says:

    Hey guys!😉Next time let's make some good parody of all RPG games.It could be fun,I think so…😂😉

  28. those sort of boring rail games should be phased out in favour of more realistic open world types

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