Gun - FULL GAME - Walkthrough - No Commentary -

Gun – FULL GAME – Walkthrough – No Commentary

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  1. First game I'm playing on my ps5 when the new ps plus comes

  2. I remember my uncle had this game back then. I played it and it looked very realistic. A timeless game.

  3. this game would have been so sick on next gen consoles for sure could have blown rdr2 out of the water

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  5. The voice acting is on another level and realistic dying groans 10/10

  6. Remember thinking this felt like a rockstar game – I dunno I still feel like that.

  7. I remember vivdly playing it in 2015 when i was in 8th grade
    , now im in college, This has so many memories , The storyline was classic to be honest , being a 13 year old kid i enjoyed it. I wish i get to play part 2 or something

  8. Dude this game has so many memories. My ps2 would stay on for weeks at a time just so I could play the open world and slowly progress the story. I loved every aspect of the game. This was the original. I miss being excited about a game and exploring. It was so beautiful and so badass. This game holds a special place in my heart. I’ll never forget the game gun.

  9. i loved this game alot i mean this game is perfect

  10. I don't know why but this game used to look more realistic to me back at the time

  11. 2022 and I just bought this again. One of my favourites, the nostalgia hits hard. This deserves a remake for sure!

  12. When it comes to the social culture of the old west and the vibe this game really hits the nail, it definitely wouldn’t fly now but you could really tell the difference of social society in GUN compared to RDR. But RDR does better in giving the outlaw/gunslinger vibe. Gun is more of a spaghetti western vibe since it doesn’t take place in the end of the west wish rdr was based during western expansion fighting heavy amounts of outlaws and corrupt lawmen

  13. Is there an explanation as to why the Union soldiers look like zombies? Is it just supposed to be dirt, scars and grittiness?

  14. I remember having 43/44 gold rocks and couldn’t find that last cock suckin rock, for hours I searched. Internet wasn’t big back then and guides were not common. I’m going to buy this game again and get that last achievement so I can finally sleep at night after all these years.

  15. I been tryna find this game for yearssss

  16. I was 6 or 7 when my dad would play GUN and red dead revolver. It was a lot of fun watching him complete the games

  17. I'm in a question: Ned raised Cole in 1864 and in present time it's 1880. So you tell me Colton White is actually 16 years old? Can someone help me about this?

  18. dude i remember this as a kid holy shit what a throwback

  19. Eee god i remember when it first came out, I was about 5, my older cousins let me play on it – only to ride the horse and jump over buffalos 😂 so I asked my parents for it and they bought me it thinking it was a kids game 🤣

  20. I use to have to hide this game from my mom when I was playing it and she came in my room bc it was so violent and gory well for me being like 9 lmao. I also remember beating this game for the first time and only time when I was that age good times classic

  21. I used to play this game on the ps2 allll the time

  22. This was amazing, hope PlayStations new service has some of these gems.

  23. The blasted thing is that PC was given the PS version and not the better X360 version… So ill watch this since the only way i'll play the PC version is by trying to use PC cheats… Or emulation via Xenia

  24. hold up if this IS the PC version then what mods did you use to get the game to look that good…

  25. Pretty wild to think these graphics were mind blowing in 2005.

  26. One of those games you remember playing but don't remember anything from.

  27. This game is my child hood. 😭 I Honeslty would want a remaster version

  28. It’s crazy to me how much I remember a lot of this game! And I was just a kid playing this everyday

  29. Looks a lot like red dead; love the whole western genre.

  30. Dude you are terrible at this game. This is literally an old children’s game that basically holds your hand thru everything. You’re either a boomer or someone from a 3rd world country.

  31. WHISKEY BOMB: Light enemies on fire and watch them burn.

    Was that last part really necessary 😂

  32. Come on man really i was kid then happy memories!!!!

  33. I've played really good ps2 games like ratchet n clank Simpsons hit n run sly Cooper n all that but I've never heard of this game I wanna try it

  34. Colton White is basically cowboy The Punisher and it's cool that they're both voiced by Thomas Jane. Then there's Kris Kristofferson, plays Whistler in Blade as well as Ned in GUN. 2 characters that raised Orphans.

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  36. Wish I could play this game on ps4 might have to get the old console and play it

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