Gun games: New shootout sport combines real guns and MMA fighting -

Gun games: New shootout sport combines real guns and MMA fighting

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Imagine a new sport where gun fighting slams into mixed martial arts. Fighters and opponents shoot at each other, and when all the ammo is gone, there can be some real fighting.


  1. so you get shot several times but you can still fight . Makes no sense

  2. everyone gangsta until someone pulls out real bullets.

  3. What I've always wanted in a sport, WHY IS THIS NOT A BIGGER THIIING!

  4. This is the future of entertainment. It has a bit of evolving to do but how cool would this be watching operators against each other in a forest. Prefer this rather than sports.

  5. Every time I’ve ever done paintball, my mask fogs up from sweat so bad that I can’t see

  6. This kinda reminds me of the Tourneys that the Knights did back in the day! Honestly, I love this!

  7. They spray like its airsoft, they fight like there are no guns there, this looks like a typical rage airsoft moment…..

  8. I think this is awesome, but flawed. In a real gunfight, paintball, or airsoft, once you get shot, you should be out. But if you’re close enough to go hand to hand, THEN you should.

  9. The question is where in Los Vegas this is.

  10. 2:21
    Wtf are the rules? Those dudes just lit each other up 🤣🤣🤣 I guess neither of them are dead 🤷🏻‍♂️

  11. Its like force in force ….but
    Instead of training….

    Its competition

    Why is it not on tv as an actually show

    Gun fighting the completion

  12. The point system is weird. Unlike traditional airsoft/paintball games, you dont get out after one shot? Hell maybe after 2 shots you should be out. I dont get the mma aspect at all. This is like equivalent to underground street fighting than an actual sport. It needs tweaks to be a sport people will take seriously. Right now its just the best place for people to take out their frustrations and want to hurt someone but not really hurt someone lol

  13. I don’t get it. If you’re hit, you aren’t out? Laser tag is more of challenge.

  14. They go crazy because they know their life isn’t really on the line.

  15. A milsim events shou use these. Imagine how cool that would be.

  16. Muay Thai for 4 years and gun training and handling for 6.. I want in

  17. Someone will end up shot and this will once again paint responsible gun ownership dangerous douche bags

  18. When they engage in hand to hand, how do they win? Who taps out?

  19. Cool idea, too bad you're promoting a woman abuser.

  20. I could imagine different military operators shooting it out in these arenas at a larger scale.

  21. Anyone think of rainbow six siege arenas with the chalk bullets

  22. So what if you just replace the load of paint with cast steel or aluminum at the same shape/caliber? Seems like it'd cycle and fire. No reason it wouldn't.

  23. You can tell those rounds are loaded with maybe half or less than half the powder the real rounds have in them.

  24. I finally have a reason to go to las Vegas

  25. I can see a combat veteran dominating this sport

  26. I'd play this any day.
    I love paintball, and airsoft can be fun, but THIS. Yeah I'm doing it one day.

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