Gun Strike Blood Shoot Android Gameplay #2 #DroidCheatGaming -

Gun Strike Blood Shoot Android Gameplay #2 #DroidCheatGaming

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Terrorists are increasingly rampant, wanton destruction, harm to civilians, you are sent to penetrate the enemy base to clear all the terrorists, Using deadly weapons M4, MP5, P90, SNIPE, AWP, M1911 and other weapons armed themselves. As an elite killer, keep your head calm,aim, shoot fire, and kill all enemies.

“High-Quality 3D Graphics, Immersive.”
The enemy ambush in different obstacles after moving latent, assault or shooting. As an elite sniper, you should responsive, positive, switch weapons, show your shooting skills, aim at the target, accurate shooting, do not waste bullets. You fight against criminals with special department team. Do not hesitate to download Gun Strike Blood Shoot. Sniper prove your own ability now!

When enter the game, you will get free M4 and M1911 weapons, choose game mode and level to start the mission. You can get rewards when you shoot them, double gold rewards from headshot,complete the task reward more. Get quests unlocked by quests to unlock more advanced weapons and equipment. Through the leaderboard you can show your ability among friends.

You stand in the fight against terrorists frontier, positioning the best sniper shot point, in the hunt action, find better location is conducive to the removal of terrorists and the fight against terrorist activities. Carrying armor, M4, MP5, P90, SNIPE,AWP, M1911 and other enemies into the military base in the deadline to kill all enemies, to complete the task, get more and better weapons rewards.

“Gun Shot Shooting Features
– FPS Action Sniper Shooting Game
– High quality 3D graphics, stunning sound effects and music
– Narrow down and position targets based on radar
– Unique 3D Map
– Firepower
– Zoom in and identify your targets

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  8. Description: gun strike blood shoot: zombies is an first person scary shooting game with some serious fun ios gameplay, crazy graphics, types of scary zombies with scary moves and chilling sounds, in the year 2024 the pandemic has started to spread downtown, people have started to be infected with a dumb virus and kepps their bodies functioning into pudding! The special forces soilders are triying to eliminate the zombies in the streets of downtown's area then, you are one of the special ops soilders to stop them as a zombie pandemic butcher and your best way is to use your guns to clear all the street areas of downtown

  9. stop making ripoff games make call the duty

  10. What is the name of the game 🎯 …. aa please tell. …. I WANTTO PLAY

  11. The best game of all .yall I think I have a winner

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