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Hawked Preview: It’s a Less Serious Extraction Shooter

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After playing a bunch of the upcoming PvPvE extraction shooter Hawked, it seems like it’ll be a great game for casual rounds before and after games with long playtimes. Check out the video for our full hands-on impressions. Previewed on PC by Jon Bolding.

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  1. these including fortnite are all influenced by battlefield heroes if anyone remembers

  2. someone at the office was like "yea Fortnite made money" and everyone went with it

  3. Another video of IGN giving the controller to someone completely out of touch with gaming xD

  4. do we think that they are open to feedback and if there will be a possible esports

  5. Guns sound so lame on this ill never play it

  6. Thought this was a new Fortnite mode or event. It’s a no for me dawg😂

  7. Look at all these NPCS in the comments repeating dialogue! 🫠🫣

  8. So… it's D2 gambit with a fortnight skin and a bigger map.

  9. Ok, but what happens when you die? Is there a stash system?

  10. Looks kinda cool. Needs extra polish but I’m interested

  11. Once again, another average extraction shooter only on PC. Without multi platform and cross play, this game is dead.

  12. can u guys review " Veiled Expert " they really needed.

  13. Only 10 teams of 3? Gonna be an empty and boring gameplay/map.

  14. When mom tells you “we have Fortnite at home”

  15. This would actually be pretty neat if they did anything original or interesting instead of clearly trying to imitate fortnite (including the sloppy movement system) but hey, maybe that's what extraction shooters need in order to blow up.

  16. I’m in.

    This game looks flashy, high customization (I’m all about the customization), much to your arsenal, a plot, and I’m sure the music or soundtrack is great.

    Waiting for it.

  17. This was made with the Unreal Editor for Fortnite wasn't it?

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