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I Played The Most Popular FPS Games

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In this video I’m going to find the real reason why valorant is dying. Doing this by exploring the gaming scene and playing the most played shooter games. The most played fps games 2022.


  1. Cod is better than Valorant peasant trash

  2. for oane ,cs go is bether then valorant ,is more reralistic ,i like the tone ,the guns ,especialy the aug and is simply a game that is more for me ,i like military shoters more the whatever peace of shit is val,apex or overwacth becouse of the tone

  3. do you want to try the fps I have been making? I can send you a key

  4. only reason people play valorant is because you can play it on a potato pc. its just not a good game to play if you have options.

  5. i think u confused apex legends with raid shadow legends when u said every youtuber is promoting it loll 💀💀

  6. And I don't think it will destroy valorant lmao csgo is older than most shitorant players

  7. I cam from Titanfall to Apex, and play it alongside Valorant, and I'm starting to play a bit of OW2 with friends.
    What I love about these two games are
    1- Great artstyle
    2- Interesting lore
    3- Dynamic between the characters
    Obviously none of this has to do with the actual gameplay, but I'm a sucker for stories, plots, arcs, and Twitter artists, as well as FPS games. So to have all these elements combined makes for a comfy game for me to stay.

  8. the problem is that every initiater has a skin of the sova drone and every controller has smokes and stupid ass walls whats the point in making so many agents so fast i cant get the point

  9. CS:GO and Minecraft are immortal games like Chess. They can't die.

  10. you dont have to play apex in squads. if you check no fill, you can play solo, and if 1v3 is to much you can play no fill duos, so its just 1v2. and half of duos is just other no fills so youre basically on your own in a lobby of mostly solos.

  11. csgo was my first fps game i’ve ever played and till this day i still play it

  12. If you go from CSGO to VAL the movement feels funky also

  13. I'm looking for fps game that doesn't have in game skills
    Just like cs go and pubg
    Any recommendation?

  14. valorant have many bugs and cheaters and smurfers sad to say you cant play solo in valorant because of toxic players in ranks

  15. I really respect you making this video 5 minutes long. So many youtubers would've made this longer for more ads, but you being concise is very well appreciated <3

  16. People need to realize that games "dying" is normal and not a big deal.

    Every game will have dropping player rates at some point, and if your favorite game has lowering numbers – that's ok! It means your game isn't the 1% that's currently gaining new players.

    Just focus on if you still like the game. If you don't like it, find something new. If you like it, enjoy.

  17. csgo is really not comparable to any game, its the father, the old man, we all love him and watch him do his thing but come on valorant is more fun!

  18. I mean don't get me wrong, Valorant is a really good game but the community is mid. I have games where I can barely speak bc of toxic players or simps. I got banned 2 times in a row bc I used my mouse software. I did not get unbanned so I still have to wait till april to get unbanned again.
    So I would say the game itself is really good, the maps,, weapons, gamesense and all this kinda stuff is really enjoying but the communtiy and the anticheat is mid. I personally will come back after my ban but let's see where Valorant and the community will go.

    Love the content. Nice to see people try other games. <3

  19. This video is good but apex better than valo

  20. Valarant is like trying to get a job u need experience to play but can’t play without experience so u know what u do…play fortnite cuz your good at it but hate every second of it

  21. the reason valorant actually died is because so many players are getting banned for being afk so some people just gives up on it and hops onto another one

  22. csgo movement is not necessarily slow paced but it will feel like that until you get your movement on point

  23. 3:43 the dude in the bottom right looks like harbor from valorant ngl.

  24. i'll also be on the same ship as you MrLowLander!! <3

  25. does anyone know the game that has like all the cods mixed together and idk if it's still in development but it's only for pc i think.

  26. I didnt see tf2 In there… and it’s one or the most played games on steam… yeah…

  27. Valorant is just not a very appealing game for casuals.

  28. Same!! PUBG was literally the only FPS I knew back then and I remember how I climbed ranks so quickly.

  29. Lost light is pretty awesome and is free on steam.

  30. I played apex legends first and I really enjoyed it, and then I decided to play Valorant but got bored due to its sow movement. Terms of skill, strategy and movements, Apex is still at the top for me, second is overwatch then Valorant.

  31. Imo Valorant has the best cheaper cool looking skins while comparing games like csgo and pubg, that i just relaized in past week. In pubg I luckily got an upgradable skin but sadly I need to sell my house in-order to upgrade it to the max (10 f**king levels). In csgo I couldn't afford a single knife skin even low budget knife skins are too costly than my budget. But in Valo I can own full f**king inventory for a cost of single weapon skin on these both games.

  32. For me valorant is one of the only games I can play over and over again. I downloaded it during quarantine and played every day making new friends and playing with my irl friends at the time. I had so much fun, so the game has a lot of nostalgia for me….now I don’t play much, mainly because I’m busy but it truly is a game that will always stick with me. I was getting a bit bored of the game and stopped playing for a few months. I started playing again and I noticed that the player base felt different than it did before. It feels like a huge chunk of the players are missing, and I guess those are just people like me who either quit or are taking a break. It is inevitable for players to eventually get bored of a game, but hopefully Riot does something to spark interest in old and new players. Riot has really made a great game, even with its few flaws.

  33. Only 3 real fps games simulators:
    1. Modern warfare 19 /22
    2. Battlefield V
    3. Far cry6

    Amazing first person shooters

  34. Yo bro my profile pic matches with the thumbnail

  35. I personally quit Val because games take way to longe

  36. I realize now that I should’ve played pubg fps mode haha mb

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