Insurgency Sandstorm is THE BEST Console First Person Shooting Game! (Xbox Series X Gameplay) -

Insurgency Sandstorm is THE BEST Console First Person Shooting Game! (Xbox Series X Gameplay)

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Insurgency Sandstorm is the best console first person shooting game. Not only does this game feature both PvE and PvP game modes but it’s a very strategic shooter. You can’t go into Insurgency Sandstorm running and gunning or it will end badly, you have to take your time especially with how quick the time to kill (TTK) is. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, do you think Insurgency Sandstorm is the best console first person shooting game? If not, which game do you think is?

I have been gaming for years and years now and it’s been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember, that’s the reason behind the Born 2 Game channel name. I am an honest gamer that tells things how they are and if I’m thinking something about a game I will mention it in my videos. Even if I upload a video being negative about a game it doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy playing the game. I cover all sorts of games ranging from The Division 2 and Ghost Recon Breakpoint to things like Battlefield 2042, Outriders and Red Dead Redemption 2. I’m sure you’ll find a game you like that’s covered on this channel and if not you can click the link above to check out my 2nd channel where you might like a game or 2 on there 👍

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  1. It’s a fantastic game, been playing since Xmas on Xbox series x. The perfect antidote to BF2042 and CoD Vanguard and not a bright pink M60 in sight!

  2. Best shooter on ps5 right now. Fun and intense.

  3. Everything what you say sounds little bit like Monty Python 😉

  4. I was just thinking to myself someone should give this game more exposure. It really is such a breath of fresh air compare to all those twitch shooters with their vehicle and killstreak onslaught. Just some pure infantry engagements without annoying random bullshit.

  5. Was he playing against bots….?
    Or is it just cuz its on console.

  6. Bill-san, can you do a lets play of God of War on pc? You can buy it on steam now. I bet lots of people would like to see you covering GoW on pc?

  7. This has been my main shooter since it came out on Xbox
    Also after watching your video of it I'm looking at buying hell let loose aswell.

  8. Oh well, if I can only find a match in this game but not with AI lol

  9. i bought this ages ago on pc never knew it was on console until now lol 😎👌

  10. It's a great game but Escape from Tarkov is way better in my opinion

  11. Seems to be a Battleshit 2042 beater, then again not hard in its state 🤣🤣

    It looks great but I'm garbage at PvP

  12. Absolute facts. I was always a battlefield fan. I wasn’t to keen on bf1 or 5. I left to go play cod…… cod got shit. Then sandstorm came to Consoles never played anything like it. Great game

  13. Delighted to our playing this… top notch but needs a PS5 version asap

  14. I wasn't too sure of buying this after that battlefield fiasco, so thank you a lot for making this video!

  15. I’ve been saying this on your videos. Best thing since socom

  16. When small indy devs shooter is milion times better then BF2044 from multi billion company GG.

  17. I'm trying hell let loose right now and it's just so slow. I'm giving it a chance and expect it get better as I rank up. Just my opinion, guys with man buns should he barred from heading up fps games.

  18. This game looks like shit and plays like shit…Console gamers will buy anything

  19. Picked this up when it first came out (xbox) and it's the only FPS shooter I play, love the more tactical playstyle over the usual run and gun COD/Battlefield games.

  20. I know graphics aren't everything but omg this game looks like it's from 2004 if you're playing on an og Xbox 1 or ps4

  21. I picked this during Christmas at a discount. Love the game. Have not touched 2042 since.

  22. Yeah, this game is pretty cool, I only found out about this game a few weeks ago and I bought it right away. I'd have never bought Scamfield 2042 if I knew about this game earlier

  23. All it needs is next gen port. Then I'll play

  24. Just bought this last week, servers still OK in Australia which is more than can be said for 2042! Even though its slower andpre tactical there's still loads of fun to be had! Love the TTK does slow you down and make you peak corners but still fun

  25. This is a terrific game because you can play realistically as fast or slow as you like. Many different viable strats and ALL weapons are viable. This game is designed to be realistic themed, meaning sprinting will lower your accuracy, single fire is always most accurate etc. Definitely do more vids on this game. Oh, and there's going to be a "next gen" update coming for consoles

  26. It's baffling why 2 snipers or machine gunners can't be chosen 🤪 outside of rifleman there's only 1 slot per class.
    Would like to see a game mode introduced called terrorist hunt where the whole map is open and we go on search and destroy missions.
    It is very good game especially when you've 8 friends in your squad.

  27. Love this game, forces you to play so differently and tactically, game play over graphics every time

  28. Sold it when it first dropped cuz it kept crashing might buy it back

  29. Try Hardcore Co-op checkpoint.. lol it’s fuckin scary

  30. Love the gameplay please do more of this and hell let loose. Hunt Showdown is really good as well. Keep up the great work!

  31. What's he talking about this game looks like the shits

  32. Full/3 round burst when indoors. Single fire when outdoors works for me.

  33. If you are lucky to get a kill, I wont bother.

  34. Been playing since Day 1 on Series S, Game is Awesome! Only shooter I play, been waiting years for a game like this!

  35. Been on this and hell let loose since i have given up on the main triple A fps titles, both games are gritty and immersive and i absolutely love them.

  36. I was gonna buy this on steam but the community number was low afff i hope console better

  37. Just bought it this week. Playing domination mode. Far superior game than battlefield and other major aaa fps games.

  38. Looks 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 x better than Battleflop2042!

  39. How would you guys compare this to Hell Let Loose? I felt like the controls and aiming were way to janky for me in HLL.

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