IQ Can COUNTER Defusing! | #rainbowsixsiege -

IQ Can COUNTER Defusing! | #rainbowsixsiege

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  1. A lot of people forget you can play vertical.

  2. IQ: Whatcha doin?
    Solis: Watching for the plant, wby?
    IQ: Same.

  3. Problem with IQ is that players who play her lack IQ

  4. I used to do this back in the day was so fun until i had a few times the bullets just wasnt hittin them i stopped

  5. I was doing this (I’m bronze 3 because I don’t play ranked at all) and this gold almost Diamond player (gold 1) was getting mad at me saying I doing nothing

  6. The bars always go the opposite of the grain of the wood ceiling or floor

  7. “If it runs on batteries I see it” – IQ

  8. It’s been around since forever ago, how do ppl not know this or you using it as a way to get ppl to comment lol😂

  9. I love how your accent changed when its live

  10. my fac finding um on cams got 2 one round

  11. Good shit that’s cool I didn’t know that!

  12. Gotta love it when people try defusing w 2 seconds left😂

  13. just a tip, usually the metal bars in the floors go perpendicular to the wood so you were shooting the right way

  14. What did IQ scan on the defender to get scanned if that makes sense, the cell phone? Haven't played her ina while just getting back into it.

  15. With the amount of time left to defuse the bomb . There was not enough time for him to even defuse lol nice job

  16. I didn't know that and I main iq half the time

  17. can you do the same as solis if they’re planting?

  18. People know this but they would rather swing with a 1.5

  19. Been playing for 6 years conmpletey forgot about this 😅

  20. That put up a fair foght cause solis can see u plant and IQ can see u defuse

  21. A lot of people seem to not know: these youtube tricks don't work in a real game! They are just edited videos to gain views.

  22. Did you just destroyed her defusing device??

  23. when iq meets pulse 👁️👄👁️🤳👁️👄👁️🤳

  24. I won a 1v3 doing this but also thanks to the commando 552

  25. In most situations its better to just play crossfire with numbers

  26. IQ can counter BREAKING the defuser, you’re the attacker not him 😂♥️

  27. all fun and game until the solis is down there finding the defuser and finds you instead

  28. Iq is under rated her ability is extremely versatile especially when you run enemies that can place stuff down and if you cant find bomb with your drone her ability can find it for you and the commando claps

  29. I have to say after playing this game off and on from beta till now never thought of this shit and I played IQ a lot

  30. Did you also know that you can use your gun to shoot bullets this isn't a tip this is called game knowledge

  31. Dude I can't seem to get shield on piano anymore. Did they patch it or am I just stupid?

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