Is Roblox The Future of VR Gaming? -

Is Roblox The Future of VR Gaming?

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Could this Roblox mod be a sign of the future for virtual reality gaming? Escape to the world of DOS gaming: Start play heroes 2 online now!

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  1. I would buy this on roblox in a heartbeat

  2. The thing that’s unique about it it cost 400 Robux to play

  3. 2 developers are making a better game than multi milion or bilion game studios and the fact they made this on the lua engine and it looks better than BF2042 or Call of duty is even more inpresive

  4. we shall remember the lawsuit against ruben sim

  5. Too bad roblox won’t even launch on my pc anymore

  6. Damn i remember when call of robloxia was the shit, this would have blown me away.

  7. It's crazy to think that, even with games like this, there are still some people who don't even see Roblox as a mere engine

  8. did they really just show roblox footage from 2013 for a second

  9. I love vr shooters. I hate roblox-developer interaction. So if they make a standalone i would be so happy

  10. If I ever get a gaming desktop, (I have a gaming laptop that isn’t very good) and this game is out, I am definitely gonna use my oculus to check it out.

  11. Too bad only the people who can afford 3,000 dollar headsets will be able to run it smoothly

  12. I thought that it was real life for a second

  13. Ngl idk but some part in the short gives me a bit of half life alyx vibe (the healing station)

  14. I tried to look for it on my oculus can’t find it

  15. Looks like the devs are doing better than the COMPANY itself

  16. Everyone in the dev community absolutely loves PoptartNoahh and his work.

  17. They added an Iraqi reload, which I have never seen in any VR game before

  18. Really cool, one problem. I have to download roblox

  19. sadly isnt getting famous since roblox community doesnt like good games

  20. saving up for a quest 2 def getting this when it comes out

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