Is this game TOO realistic? -

Is this game TOO realistic?

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  1. This could be the makings of one of the best horror games ever

  2. Writes a whole paragraph worth of captions saying it's a game and not real life but doesn't name the game 🙄🤔🙄🤔

  3. When you can’t tell that’s when you know we peaked .. like how would you know

  4. bro my fps is gonna be off the charts

  5. God damn this is crazy realistc😲 im already scared if i think what power your pc needs to play it on highest graphics☻️

  6. I think they didn't use unreal engine, they used real engine

  7. Pls bro it's literally real it's not a game

  8. every few years a game come along and we have the "is this too real" question, and the answer is always that "this game is setting a new standard"

  9. If your wondering the games name is unrecord and it’s in development on steam

  10. This is the fakest thing I’ve ever seen

  11. not so much. because they're still running out of cover into an open field

  12. I've never liked games that look like this if this is a game and not another murder made to look fake anyway there's fake that looks shit then too real that looks shit I like the inbetween like COD Black Ops cold war or hell the new warzone Hella realistic but not shit like this

  13. Can we get another video? Maybe some more info on release windows?

  14. Nobody knew much about unreal engine yet, but when they do u can't even distinguish between reality.. but this one is a legitimate game that is ongoing within plans to completion, when it's going to release is the real question but the answer to that is not concluded yet, it's technically still in the testing phase and much yet to be done.. just look closely and look hard enough you can actually see all of the this is animated thanks to unreal engine that makes everything works, if they actually show the polygons, all you see now is exactly that in rendering

  15. I wanna see an online multiplayer game like this

  16. I’ve seen this clip floating around for years it’s been upcoming for 7 years I think so it’s either a hoax or it’s coming out soon

  17. If this is a game then why hide the face of opponents?

  18. Gramps bouta freak TF out… that WW2 experience bouta be lit again…

  19. to be honest , while this is impressive , people will get headache playing this for sure

  20. POV:its real people but everytime they die another persons plays💀💀💀

  21. This isn't never going to come out I'm sure but no the character models don't look that good

  22. Lol story and your decisions matter 😂😂😂😂 ya right

  23. There are no blood curdling screams. Thats how you know its fake

  24. The only thing that goves away that its a game in terms of visuals is the lighting and the player movement animations

  25. This isn't gameplay. This is pre-rendered footage. Guaranteed.

  26. Just put Axon in the corner and a timer and cops will get fooled

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